-38 lbs

Submitted by: Diana Salom

Jane's Success Story

I had been trying, well not very hard, to lose weight. I have high blood pressure and have been borderline diabetic. There was a part of me that wanted to get healthy, But I didn’t think that I was going to keep it up.

I met Diana. She was so perky and full of energy. Great! now I was going to be working with someone who has more energy and perkiness than I can handle. It turned out to be the best thing for me!.

Diana has been working my butt off for 11 months now. I have dropped four sizes and lost over 30 pounds. The fun part for me has been discovering that my body can do things that I never thought it was capable of doing. Diana has made the workouts fun, grueling, sweat-producing and joyful. Now at my 60’s have more energy and look younger than I ever thought possible.


Jane Before


Jane After