35lb Weight Loss

Submitted by: Qunoot Sharafi

Devan's Success Story

“I thought that I was in pretty good shape, but apparently, not so much. I had just graduated from grad school when I realized the true state of things, and wanted a change in my life. I had started to feel sluggish and not as active as I once was. My training with Qunoot was tailored to me and was exactly what I was looking for. She developed an eating plan that worked with my day to day life, and an exercise regimen that I could tackle each and every day that we met. Her training plan involved setting goals both short and long term and in doing so she helped me learn how to achieve each and every one of them. In the end I lost about 15lbs of FAT and added some muscle to my body. After my time with Qunoot, I had renewed my love of fitness and ended up joining the military. I have been successful with my military training because of the training Qunoot provided and lost another 35lbs! The most important thing I learned from my experience with Qunoot, is that you should always set goals and have a way to achieve them be that someone to work out with, someone to be a cheerleader, or just a list of your goals. I am so grateful to have met Qunoot and consider her a good friend that I can still turn too if I am having trouble getting into a workout.”


Devan Before


Devan After