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Submitted by: Austin Gregory Johns

Mary Ellen's Success Story

I have been training with Austin since September of 2007. This came about after discovering that I had issues relating to bones and was advised to exercise in order to strengthen the bones and be more physically fit.

As a result, I have been training with Austin twice per week. I have been extremely pleased with the training and support that Austin has provided. He has given me confidence to trust my body again and increase my strength. I am physically stronger now than I have ever been, and this I attribute to Austin’s training and instruction.

I have been a member of Worldgate Sport and Health Club (“Worldgate”) since 1993 and used to be quite active physically in the initial years. As work and life, in general, intensified, I became less and less active and fell very much out of shape. I developed osteopenia and became very concerned about re-invigorating my health. Austin was recommended to me by one of the other trainers at Worldgate as a trainer accustomed to helping people with injuries.

I am so happy that I was directed to Austin as he has helped me become physically stronger and more motivated to take care of my body and health, which prior to working with him, I was not inclined to do given the busy Washington lifestyle that did not include any real time for physical well being.

Austin has helped me not only with physical training, but with learning to eat in a more healthy way. He is a very patient and intuitive trainer and takes a holistic approach with his clients. This is what makes him exceptional because, at least for me, I don’t think I would have kept up the training had I not been with a trainer who is interested in the “whole person” and not just the physical improvement.

Since training with Austin, the osteopenia has stopped progressing and has started to improve. He focuses on the areas that need improvement while also helps to develop and strengthen the whole body. The routines are not boring and he uses a lot of his knowledge to work specific muscle groups rather than relying solely on the machines. In fact, most of the training is based on routines that he puts together and not the weight machines. This is entirely more interesting and enjoyable.

Austin is a consummate trainer and professional. Whenever I ask him a question about why a muscle reacts in a certain way, or how to improve the density of a bone, or any other question, I am always impressed with the answer, which shows the depth of his knowledge and the degree to which he understands the human body and how all the muscles, tendons, bones, sleep patterns, hormones, etc., are intertwined. Although, he professionally claims not to be “medically trained,” I trust his input and have found it to be true.

Austin is ever-willing to help maintain the training schedule while I am away on travel. He has written out specific exercises for me to do while on vacation, and he has also provided certain menus that I requested for eating healthy. He knows his craft very well and is a purist in the area of physical and mental well being. He practices what he instructs and that is really inspiring. He is genuinely concerned with his clients’ development and provides individual attention to the training based on the client’s needs and personality. This kind of holistic approach and Austin’s knowledge of the human body and his empathetic and intuitive manner make him a truly great trainer, and I am so thankful that I met him.