3 Words That Changed a Life!

Submitted by: Nicki Anderson

Patricia's Success Story

Here’s a bit of Patricia's story. “I’m a school teacher and I’m very busy. My husband and I used to eat out, a lot. I liked to eat a lot. Because of that, I have been on many diets and therefore, I wasn’t quite sure what would make this program different. To start with, it wasn’t a diet. Before starting the 6-Week challenge, I figured because I was exercising that was all I needed to do. But once I came to listen to Nicki speak about her 6-Week Weight Loss challenge, she kept using the word ‘sustainability’ and something clicked, I knew I needed to do something more. Since starting the program I have lost 37 pounds, dropped 4 pant sizes, many dress sizes and I’m learning to cook. I was a pot-a-day coffee drinker and now I only drink tea. My energy, outlook and quality of life are all greatly improved. I have learned so many things on my journey, but 3 words that have become my mantra are, CAN, CONSCIOUS and CHOICE. The focus for me is no longer on the four letter words diet and can’t, rather the fact that I CAN make good CHOICES based on the CONSCIOUS awareness of what is good for me physically and emotionally.”