2nd PLACE * 2011 NPC San Diego Bikini Championships

Submitted by: Michael Saiz

EVA's Success Story

90 Day Transformation!
Training Eva was alot of fun, she has a great attitude and was serious about competing in her first Bikini Contest. Eva made incredible changes to her physique with our intense training regiment and a complete change in her eating program along with minor supplementation. We took all the guess work out of our training and journaled our progress on a weekly basis. Congratulations Eva on your 2nd Place win in San Diego!

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*credits*~ Jon LindsayProductions, Nga Azarian, Exposures Photography-Reno NV

On 01-13-2012 Eva Relpied:

When I first decided to take my working out to the next level and start competing, I knew there was only one trainer for me; Michael.
He is professional, experienced and very knowledgeable.
He introduced me to the type of training I hadn't known before. But it didn't stop there, he also created and controlled my diet, supplements intake, and type and amount of cardio I was doing.
Training with Michael was never boring, he knows great amount of different exercises, and would always keep my work out routine fun and interesting.
I have learned so much from Michael, I can't imagine a better trainer, and would never train with anybody else.


EVA Before


EVA After