25 Lbs in 25 Days

Submitted by: Debra Stefan

Karen's Success Story

A hard-working and accomplished athlete since adolescence, Karen made all the right moves to attain and maintain her status as a full-ride college tennis player. However, her eating habits denied her the appearance she deserved for her athletic endeavors.
Going long periods without proper nutrition and then making up for the deficit too late in the day can add the pounds. The problem pattern was too much for her to break on her own.
During her stay at Las Vegas Live-in-Fitness Bootcamp, Karen took charge in the kitchen asking all the right questions and making all the right choices. From the grocery store to the meal preparations, Karen and her sister Kristin set up new behavioral patterns that got quick results.
It's easy when you make the right choices and continue to apply them each and every day. Of course, there will be some special occasions and some moments of indiscretion. However, it is the most regular and consistent pattern that will determine whether you gain or lose unwanted pounds.


Karen Before


Karen After