Submitted by: Michael Saiz

MARTIN's Success Story

I still remember my first appointment with Michael; I was not a New Year’s dreamer and was already in shape, disciplined and was eating well. There were only a few people who could follow me in my daily cycling journey (so I thought).
So I talked to Michael because I wanted to lose weight and get my upper body stronger. I remember the face he made after I described my healthy meals, my daily training and the muscle he could not see because they were comfortably sleeping on a pillow made of fat (Lol).

I realized two things, make a healthy life style change and you are just as good as you want to be. Then Michael raised the bar much higher!

Seriously, this is what I have been doing over a year, listening, practicing, learning new exercises, getting my diet on lists that Michael would return with red marks like a teacher at school and pushing my limits. I assimilated many of his training principles to impossible expectations or pure madness. Not realizing Michael really knows his business and I guarantee you it works if you invest yourself.

Well I am still laughing today, but it is not about Michael’s new ideas, like doing a millions crushes in a year (2,730 per day/everyday) and I’m not kidding! The reason I laugh at myself because it was actually possible, overtime the results speak for themselves.

Michael in a gym is what “Master Yoda” is in Star Wars, all wise and carries a big stick, asking for what seems the impossible. Instilling faith to his trainee and make them believe all is possible.

Several weeks after we started my training, the impossible became possible and the hard became easier. I went through training most of the time happy, always motivated and returning to work very exhausted. However, now I can speed past cars on my cycle at the intersections and I can lift things over my shoulder which I could not lift in my twenties.

There is only one complaint about Michael’s training, my clothes are expensive to replace! I lost about 40 pounds, belly fat has reduced, shoulders are bigger and I am still losing overall body fat. The clothes I used to wear are not looking good on physique anymore.
What can I say, financially it is worth it because I feel much better, physically and mentally and I do not miss my old clothes or body shape.

I am looking forward in 2014 with more challenges (100 Mile Death Ride), because I developed the confidence to achieve these goals with Master Michael on my side. I also dream that someday I will surpass Master Michael, hoping he is not leaving for the next 800 years because it means I have a long and hard life to deal with. 2013 was a great journey and starting a new one this year with a trainer I call my “friend” and my “big brother”.

Thanks Michael, “Thank you” very much.

Martin L.

Martin you’re a true hard core cyclist! Stories of you shredding your sprockets and chains, twisting rim spokes and riding the mileage you do everyday and that’s after I train you before the sun comes up! I can only dream of doing that, as you can dream about doing my fingertip chin ups or Yoda hand stands.
Keep up the good work “Bro”, you deserve all the credit for your tenacity and pain, mentally and physically you endure everyday.