Submitted by: Michael Saiz

ALISON's Success Story

I was referred to Michael Saiz in May 2013 by one of his clients. Since my husband passed away in October 2012, I was steadily adding to my already overweight frame. I was wearing a size 16, extra large clothing, my lab results indicated pre-diabetic and my doctor had prescribed cholesterol medication.

I was feeling very depressed about myself while still mourning the death of my husband. Hiring Michael as my personal trainer literally saved my life. My training sessions with Michael were once a week and cardio on my own 2-3 times per week.

Michael suggested a diet for my blood type and low carbohydrates. For the first two weeks I dramatically decreased my carbs. realizing how much my large carb. intake adversely affected my mental state and fueled my food cravings. He also had me keep a food log which has proven invaluable in learning the proper calorie intake to maintain my desired weight.

It is now December 2013 and through the training with Michael I have lost over 30 pounds, reduced my body fat from 36.3% to 30.3% and my clothes are size 6/8 a small/medium. My lab results indicate that my pre-diabetic condition is gone and per my doctor, I am no longer prescribed cholesterol medication. Building my self-esteem was a major part of the his training along with the knowledge and confidence to maintain my body condition and weight.

Michael is an excellent and qualified professional trainer along with being a great motivator and counselor. He is always there when I need encouragement.
Michael, "Thank You" for giving me a "new lease on life" at 61 years young!

Alison, you have worked so hard and followed your program whole heartedly! I am pround of your personal success. Isn't it fun to dance again!