Submitted by: Michael Saiz

Kristen's Success Story

I made the life changing decision to have gastric bypass surgery after failing to maintain any weight loss for a sustained period of time despite dieting and numerous attempts to get into shape.
The final straw came for me when I was advised to have surgery to fix chronic achilles tendonitis and remove an os trignonum bone in my right heel that combined to really limit my mobility.
The recovery time was long and the outcome not guaranteed, so I decided to do something else that would positively impact my overall health. It's been a year and half since my surgery and wow has life changed!
It was the right decision as I have hardly had any issues with my mobility since. In addition, I have lost nearly 150 pounds and reduced my body fat from over 50% to 23%, and I'm still working at getting myself into better shape.
It's taken a while, but exercise now comes naturally to me and I really look forward to getting to the gym most days of the week. I started out walking regularly, moved to various types of cardio, and then started to incorporate strength training into my routine which is when I decided to hire a personal trainer.
Michael Saiz has been a big part of my journey, he has taught me so much about strength training and nutrition, pushed me when I needed pushing and counseled me when I needed advice or encouragement.
I recently impressed my surgeon and dietician because my lean muscle mass is over 100% in all the major muscle groups, meaning that I maintained and developed muscle mass while losing a lot of fat.
Michael told me that all those days of sore muscles following squat and leg press sessions would pay off, and it looks like he was proved right.
Thank You Michael.. from the bottom of my heart.

*Very kind words Kristen...you have worked so hard and your uphill battle has definately paid off. You look great! And I'm very proud of you!


Kristen Before


Kristen After