Snap Fitness Biggest Winner Contest 2010 - 4th Place

Submitted by: Sue Singer

Fred's Success Story

When I my wife first signed me and her up for training sessions at Snap Fitness in September '09, I was skeptical. I've been to gyms and signed up for training sessions before, but nothing really seemed to get me going. The first trainer I was saddled with was Phil. He worked me hard...more accurately, he kicked my butt night every time. He always had pointers for workout and nutrition. After a month or two, getting to the gym was a struggle and my desire to diet wasn't there. Phil didn't give up; he held me to task. He told me to make a scheduling adjustment here and an eating adjustment there (and to document what I eat). Then he started me on the path to running. At first, he started me really slow; something that was reasonable to work with (a 4-minute walk and a 30 second sprint), and to make gradual improvements (shorter walks, then longer runs). After a while, a funny thing happened: I started getting into a groove. The adjustments became good habits, I started to feel better about running, and then the results started to become noticeable. I started losing weight and was getting in shape...and having an easier time surviving Phil's workouts.

When the biggest winner contest came along, I hadn't planned on doing it. I was in my new routine of running and eating well, and didn't really feel a need to turn it into a competition. Lo and behold, when I went to my next trainer appointment with Phil, it turned out he threw my hat into the biggest winner ring for me because he felt that I had an excellent shot to win. Well, I certainly couldn't say "no, thank you", so I tightened my game and kept on running and training.

Eventually, Phil had moved on, and Sue became my new trainer. From what I seen from just seeing Sue around the gym, I anticipated that Sue would push me every bit as hard as Phil did...she didn't disappoint. She was every bit the motivator and butt-whipper, and she kept me working hard throughout the competition, and also kept the great fitness and eating tips coming.

When the biggest winner contest was over and I finished in fourth, the reality had sunk in as to how far I came from when I first started at Snap. When I started, I was over 300 lbs and very much out of shape. From the time I started going to Snap to the end of the competition, not only had I lost 47 lbs, but I've become addicted to running. Today, I'm continuing to apply the lessons that I learned from Phil and Sue to keep working toward my weight loss goal, and recently, I decided to do something good with my running. I signed up to run a 5k for Alex's Lemonade Stand this past November, which I was able to finish in 32:26 (right in the middle of the pack), and now routinely find myself searching for other similar races to run for good causes.


Fred After