2008 Biggest Loser Competition Winner Loses 25 lbs & 12% Body Fat in 12 Weeks

Submitted by: Mark Shields

Amanda's Success Story

Up until 2 years ago my life involved very poor nutrition, with lots of overeating included, and was very sedentary. I ate a lot of sugar, which I had an urge to have dessert after dinner every night, and couldn’t stand the taste of most healthy foods.
I was around 190 at my peak with probably close to 50% body fat (BF). I decided in June of 2007 that it was time to make a change in my life. I started off on my own just eating less and somewhat better. I would walk my dog 20 minutes, two times a day and a few times a week I would swim at Sport Fit for 30 minutes. I was very dedicated and by the end of 2007 I dropped down to 150 pounds and was at a 32% BF, but had reached a plateau and couldn’t lose any more.
In January I signed up for Sport Fit’s first Biggest Loser competition where I was paired up with Mark Shields. It was this point that really changed my life. I learned so much about the proper and most efficient ways to work out and eat that I started to become much leaner. During the 3 months of the competition I dropped 25 more pounds and final weigh in for May 2008 was 125. I am now close to 120 pounds and under 18% BF, which now puts me in the lean category.
I have worked very hard over the year and a half that I started getting serious about changing my life and the incredible results I have achieved are more than worth it. I can do stuff now that I never thought I could. Weight loss is a life style change that you have to commit to for the rest of your life or it just won’t work. There are a lot of myths out there about exercise and nutrition that keep a lot of people from achieving their goals, but Mark helped teach me what to trust and what not to.
Thanks Mark!


Amanda Before


Amanda After