142 pounds GONE!

Submitted by: Robyn Skvorak

Heather's Success Story

At 300+ pounds, a type 2 diabetic, and having spent years struggling with her weight- Heather decided it was time to get healthy. Her grandmother had passed away from complications of diabetes at age 56 and Heather knew she was headed in the same direction.
In 2011 Heather made the decision to change her lifestyle. She started making healthy food choices and started to exercise. Walking, bootcamp, Zumba, jogging, weights, obstacle challenges - Heather is willing to give it a try! This woman loves to exercise!
In 2 years she has lost 142 pounds,
50 inches off of her body , and is off her diabetes medication (insert clapping here!!!!) She looks and feels like a new person.
It isn't often you get a client with the level of commitment that Heather has. I love her " no excuses" attitude! It is clear that she has no plans of stopping this fitness journey


Heather Before


Heather After