12 Week Game Change

Submitted by: Nicole Gugliardo

Tiffany's Success Story

I had no idea of the transformation 12 weeks of personal training would make on my life! I absolutely hate working out (hate it) and was not pleased with a previous experience with a personal trainer, so I was hesitant from the beginning. However, as I get older my metabolism just is not what it used to be so knew I had to do something to control my eating habits and make a change in my approach to overall health. From the first time I met with Nicole, she put my fears, frustrations and concerns at ease by getting to know me! She asked about my eating habits, work habits, sleep habits, overall strength, expectations—everything! Initially, I was not sure why all that information was important, I just wanted to get it over with, get the results and move on, but it doesn’t work that way. Nicole had a plan in mind, and that was to work on all aspects of my daily regimen. It is now 12 weeks later and I have lost 12 lbs., but that is not the exciting news. What is exciting is how I view working out and eating choices. I have taken control over my poor habits. Nicole didn’t put me on a crazy eating plan, I ate all the same foods I previously did, just did it in moderation. I must confess, I do enjoy all the complements I have been getting—that is a great motivator! One person told me I look younger!! I will take that any day over a bag of chips. Thank you Nicole for an incredible 12 weeks!!