20lbs Lighter and 12 inches Slimmer in 6 Months.

Submitted by: Dolly Seeburger

Sarah Ware's Success Story

What Sarah has to say:

I got into exercise with Dolly because my daughter is getting married and I wanted to look and feel better. Dolly and I really click. She knows what I need and what my body can do. She pushes me but I feel really proud of myself when I’m finished with my session. Dolly always says, “Two more!”

Dolly gives me her full attention when I’m with her. She keeps me on track with my goals and is always encouraging. I look forward to my sessions with her and I hope I will be with her a long time.
Not only does Dolly help me exercise, she helps me with my diet. She tells me what I’m doing right and what will help me lose weight. We keep track of what I eat and what will give me more energy.

I feel so much better. Dolly is great at what she does.

Thank you,
Sarah Ware


Sarah Ware After