IDEAfit Social Poster

Facebook Auto Poster

Want More Clients From Facebook?

Don't know what to post on your Facebook page?
Want to spend your time training clients rather than in front of a computer screen?
This is the service for you!

Anatomy of a Highly Engaging Facebook Post

  • Perfect for fit pros who:
  • Want to engage their clients on Facebook but are unsure of how to go about it
  • Want to inspire their clients and potential clients to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Want to be seen as a trusted source of fitness and health information
  • Want to focus on teaching and training their clients rather than spending valuable time thinking about what to post on Facebook

Our expert social media team does everything for you.
We've tested what works and used our social media knowledge to give you an inspirational
fitness presence that your Facebook fans will love.
All without you lifting a finger.

How It Works

Step 1
Connect with your Facebook page (it is super easy).

Step 2
Sit back and watch new expertly crafted health and fitness-related posts appear on your Facebook page each day automatically.

Step 3
See which posts will appear when and have the option of removing the post.

Step 4
Engage and inspire your Facebook fans without lifting a finger.

Example Posts


For 7 days then $21/mo

  • Q. How often will posts show up on my Facebook page?
    1. Posts will appear on your Facebook page automatically once a day.
  • Q. Can I see the posts before they are released?
    1. Yes, you will be able to see the next 3 posts that are scheduled once you are subscribed.
  • Q. What kinds of posts will be included?
    1. The posts will all be related to health, wellness, and fitness and will include motivational images, helpful infographics, credible articles, inspirational facts, and more.
  • Q. Can I choose to remove certain posts from the schedule?
    1. Yes, you will have the ability to delete any post you choose up until the minute it is scheduled to go out.