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Knowledge is power. IDEA’s impressive cache of content has empowered its members for more than a quarter century. We offer five publications dedicated to helping you succeed and grow in the fitness and wellness industry. If you're not currently receiving a particular IDEA magazine, newsletter or e-newsletter as part of your IDEA member benefits package, simply upgrade your membership to another category. If you are not a member and would like to become one, we welcome you.

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IDEA Fitness Journal
IDEA Fitness Journal is the professional voice of the fitness and wellness industry. Published 10 times per year, this award-winning print magazine (with a digital edition) keeps pace with the continuing evolution in fitness. Our editors, writers and fitness experts follow the crossover and convergence among professionals and training philosophies. This ground-breaking journal offers comprehensive content on:

  • personal training
  • group exercise
  • nutrition
  • mind-body fitness
  • senior fitness
  • in-depth research (CEC features)
  • news, exercise science, career strategies, membership updates, business information, program design, management tips, equipment updates—and so much more!
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fitness magazine

IDEA Trainer Success
IDEA Trainer Success sets the pace for personal training entrepreneurs. This business-only e-newsletter with a personal training slant is an industry first! Published 5 times per year, IDEA Trainer Success helps members stay up-to-date with the business end of being a personal trainer. Each issue is packed with articles and tips from industry leaders. These experts offer insights, strategies and directions on the following topics:

  • launching a business (and reinvigorating an existing one)
  • sales and marketing
  • finance and money management
  • leveraging services
  • systems implementation
  • technology
  • liability and risk management
  • interpersonal skill-building and communication
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IDEA Fitness Manager
IDEA Fitness Manager is the facility owner’s, manager’s and program director’s secret weapon for success. This e-newsletter, published five times a year, exclusively reaches IDEA business and program director members, who rely on it for:

  • reports on employee motivation
  • client retention
  • financial management
  • innovative management tools
  • key industry survey data
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IDEA Fit Tips
IDEA Fit Tips e-newsletter informs and supports personal trainers, group fitness instructors, mind-body pros, and program directors and managers in their pursuit to Inspire the World to Fitness®. This free monthly gem covers:

  • up-to-date news and research
  • program design
  • business
  • management
  • programming
  • coaching
  • nutrition
Each issue offers pearls of timely and practical strategies to help professionals move their services—and careers—to the next level.

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IDEA Mind-Body Wellness Review
IDEA Mind-Body Wellness Review is a quarterly e-newsletter dedicated to helping mind-body fitness professionals, health coaches, nutritionists and other allied health and healing practitioners explore transformative health practices so they can inspire their clients to optimum wholeness. The content encapsulates the 7 dimensions of wellness--physical, emotional/cognitive, social, environmental, occupational, spiritual and intellectual—into a pragmatic, informative format. IDEA Mind-Body Wellness Review leads the way in providing user-friendly, service-oriented articles that include information about the following:

  • advanced movement strategies
  • anatomy and energy anatomy
  • positive psychology
  • conscious client interactions
  • allied health bridging
  • holistic nutrition
  • Pilates and yoga
  • . . . and much more.
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IDEA Food and Nutrition Tips
In the spirit of keeping fitness professionals, their clients and wellness enthusiasts well informed on relevant food and nutrition issues, we launched IDEA Food and Nutrition Tips, in January 2012 with a circulation of 160,000 fitness and wellness professionals. We also publish an annual special print supplement of this publication, which rides with the November-December issue of IDEA Fitness Journal. IDEA Food and Nutrition Tips content is focused primarily on:

  • practical-“How-to” aspects of food, cooking & nutrition
  • tips and tricks for staying on track
  • healthy recipes (prep demonstrated on video)
  • weight loss/diets
  • nutrition research/science
  • sports nutrition
  • specific nutrients
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