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Mount Vernon, NY 10553

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YH Fitness INc. - Owner/Manager
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Emily Braun
On Feb 13, 2012
Yasmin Hassim has, over the period of four years, resolved my chronic back pain, stengthened my whole body (core and limbs), increased my flexibility and muscle tone, arersted my loss of bone density through weight training, and made me more aware and self-correcting of my posture. In addition to the weekly personalized training program, she also designed my cardio program at the gym, which has resulted in my adding a sustained routine of cardiovascular exercise, which is manageable for my work schedule and injury free.
Moreover, she has provided effective treatment and "crisis management" when I have had minor discomforts and muscle spasms due to travel, bad yoga instruction, stress, and excessive computer work. She is so good that my hsband has now signed on. She has been consistenty correct in her diagnoses and her recommendations for treatment.
Emily Braun
Rikki Klieman
On Jan 18, 2012
Yasmin Hassim is extraordinarily gifted. Her knowledge of the muscular/skeletal systems of the body is extraordinary. Her work is the best that I have experienced, far better than most physical therapists with more comprehension than many doctors. I have seen the changes that she creates by knowing how to work with enetire body instead of simply moving toward the one spot of distress. I recommend her wholeheartedly.
On Jan 16, 2012
Yasmin is a miracle worker! Her experience and expertise in understanding exactly how the body works and grasp of damage sustained over years of often misguided treatments have transformed pain and stiffness in many of my colleagues and friends.
I speak for all of us when I say that few are blessed with her ability
and acumen as regards the human body.

Hilary J. James

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