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I have a customer with exercise induced asthma who uses an inhaler. Why does the forward plank induce the asthmatic condition?

9 Answers | Asked by Fran Johnson 1497 days ago
Answered by Wendi Hodgen 284 days ago
Two thoughts: 1) Karin Singleton has a good point. I have both allergic asthma and EIA. If the floor or ground (i... read more

When do you do your own workouts, and how do you fit them in around clients?

22 Answers | Asked by Sandy Todd Webster 1552 days ago
Answered by Wendi Hodgen 531 days ago
I workout in the evening either before or after a session with a client. I also do my workout immediately following my ... read more

How do you handle clients asking you to email them the workout you prepared for their session?

12 Answers | Asked by Lynn Valaes 533 days ago
Answered by Wendi Hodgen 531 days ago
I want to encourage them to workout on their own in between sessions with me. By them asking for the information it let... read more

10. What are 3 questions you would ask a client during a screening consultation after they have told you they have asthma?

4 Answers | Asked by Ebony Stoner 692 days ago
Answered by Wendi Hodgen 691 days ago
I specialize in training asthmatics and I also have severe asthma. I ask several questions, but the most important I as... read more