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Bio Vivian Whitman has been a personal trainer for over 5 years and a Group Exercise Instructor for over 16 years. Vivian gets great satisfaction from helping people achieve their fitness goals through both one-on-one training and/or during group exercise. In her spare time Vivian likes to swim, ... more less
Bachelor's Degree Criminal Justice/Psychology, universidad interamericana
Post Secondary Certificate Licensed Chiropractic Assistant, Tennessee
Years Experience
16-20 years
TRX - TRX Group Suspension Training Course
FiTOUR® - FiTOUR® Group Exercise Certification
Pending Verification
IFTA - Personal Trainer Certification
Pending Verification
Spinning - Certified Spinning Instructor (STAR 3)
Expired 3/26/2013
American Red Cross
American Red Cross
Not Insured

vivian's Locations

Yano Fitness Center - Trainer/Instructor
Unit 45006 Bldg 205, Yano Fitness Center, camp 96338, JP

Additional Information

$40.00 / hr
This rate is for One to One PT/ Group PT is 25 each or less depending on size of group
Payment Methods
Cash, Personal Checks
Awards & Accomplishments
Chiropractic therapy assistant certification
Languages Spoken
English, Spanish
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Client Reviews/Comments

7 reviews
Julie Jay
On Jan 01, 2013
Vivian is very down-to-earth with a lot of knowledge about health and fitness but is very modest; She does not show off or boast; she doesn’t say you NEED to do things or you are doing things WRONG. She suggests healthier ways while being supportive and understanding. She is a very bright, upbeat person with a lot of love to spread. Her smile and her laugh are contagious while her encouragement motivates you when you feel like quitting. She motivates you when you feel like giving up, tells you “You CAN!” when all that comes out of your mouth every other second is “I CAN’T.” She pushes you to new limits that you thought you could never achieve or would never have thought to try to do on your own. Whenever you let her know that you’ve had a bad eating week, she lets you know that a lot of people struggle with this problem (comforts you!), and then extends your workout session for longer than an hour for a harder workout to burn off the extra calories you consumed (kicks your butt! =P). She regularly checks your progress through measurements as well as taking photos (even while working out!) so you can actually SEE how far you’ve come. She assists you in making healthy food choices both at the grocery and at restaurants and will consistently mark comments and suggestions if you provide her with your food diary. Her personal training is not only the physical workout in the gym and nutritional information, but she also helps you with mental and emotional strength -- major reasons for my rebounds when trying to lose weight without a personal trainer. What makes her stand apart from other trainers is her willingness to help people reach their goals, not only physical goals but goals in life.She also encourages independence, which prepares you for continuing this lifestyle even without a trainer. She takes the time to write down each session’s workout including number of reps and sets as well as the weights used. I LOVE that I have a copy of each workout and I file each one in a folder so that once I am ready and able to motivate myself, I will have the tools I need to be successful. Vivian is not only a great trainer but also a very good-hearted person. I would recommend her to everybody!

--Julie Jay
vivian's Response on Jan 03, 2013:
Thank you Julie for such beautiful words!
luic cajigas
On Dec 19, 2012
I have known Vivian for more than 8 years and during this time I have been able to experience firsthand the gifts that she possesses that makes her a great trainer and even better person. Her greatest assets as a trainer are her passion and desire to help others. I have witnessed the results from her hard work and dedication in helping others with their fitness goals. She currently lives on the other side of the world from me and I now compare her to a Smartphone application because of her unique ability to still train, monitor and motivate me to meet my goals. I couldn't have met my fitness goals without her advice and encouragement via the internet. She shows great emotions when a client makes positive strides towards their goals and takes a sense of responsibility when somebody does not meet their goals even if they have not follow her advice. To me that is a great personal trainer that loves what she does.
Lara Woodworth
On Jun 07, 2012
I've known Vivian almost two years now and not only have trained with her as an instructor; but proud to call her a friend. Our whole family has benefited from her classes; whether its a kids class, spin, water aerobics, Senior fitness, or Body Sculpting she provides levels of workouts for every person on any level from beginner to novice athlete. I sustained a severe knee injury and was able to recover within 6 months by taking her classes and her positive motivation encouraging me to never give up! Im a runner and though I will never be the same since my injury; Im able to still enjoy running and my workouts without pain. I cannot say enough good about Vivian. Shes an amazing instructor and we thank her very much for keeping our family active and reaching our goals!!
kathy gerber
On Jun 07, 2012
kathy Gerber::: My family joined the YMCA in Richmond Hill two years ago. We started participating in Vivian's spin and bootcamps. The challenge was not something my husband and children expected, they being the natural born runners, were encouraged to come back, running was easy but this was different. I on the other hand have been encouraged by Vivian to challenge my body to its full potential. Vivian didn't realize that by taking out some time with me she was not only helping my body to be healthier but she was also making my mind healtier. I have dealt recently with close family illness, death etc. It almost got me. Never again I have learned what to do, what helps me, thanks Vivian, I feel pretty again, healthy, and i can do this ,no i havn't reached my goal but by God i will thanks to you. Awsome trainer and mentor.
Ana Glen
On Mar 11, 2012
BKA SPIDER GIRL... I consider myself a very honest person and I can tell you that this lady is doing sooooooo much for me, my cellulites is almost gone plus I will be hard as a rock very soon...Yes I compared myself with a Gello :(... I complained a lot because she is very strong for me, but beauty hurts she doesn't have not a bit of grease on her and I am very objective it means I look a lot!!! Thanks Spider Girl and thanks God because I found you in my wonderfull land!!!
Rebecca Wayman
On Mar 11, 2012
Vivian has not only encouraged me and pushed me physically as my instructor and running buddy, but has also encouraged me to get certified and start teaching classes. She has been a wonderful mentor. Vivian has such a depth of knowledge and a wonderful way of not acting like she knows everything. She just seems to know when you need a kind word, or a kick in the pants. She will always be my mentor and someone that I go to when I need some answers.
Magdy Acosta
On Mar 11, 2012
I Personal Know Ms. Whitman, she's a Awesome Instructor, she care about your needs, she encourage you when you think that you're going to give up.
I been training with her for the last 3 months and I'm very Pleased of my results , I know I have to continue to get to my Goals, I Appreciated everything that she do for me..

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