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I was a dancer for 12 years and after became a trainer. My favorite combo is Zumba for cardio, Pilates and Weight Training for strength and Gyrokinesys for flexibility. I help clients to find workout that works for them, provide a great support in being consistent and share the joy of amazing result... more less
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5-6 years
NASM - Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
Expired 10/19/2013
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6 reviews
On Mar 04, 2012
Great instructor, motivating and inspiring. This was my intro to pilates and I absolutely looooved her class! Highly recommend this instructor!!!
alida D
On Mar 02, 2012
Veronika is an amazing,energetic instructor .I feel motivated to go to her classes because each class she amazes us with new body movements ,great dancing songs etc.She has lot of profesional skills on what she does .I Coulden't ask for a better instructor .LOVE HER !!!!!!!!!!
v perez
On Mar 02, 2012
Veronika is an outstanding, magnetic, and dedicated Fitness instructor ! Her training involves varied, fun, and multilayered functional fitness programs'. She urges her clients to invoke a greater sense of grace, balance, and awareness; while strangely enough at the same time pushing them to their physical and mental limits'! This trainer is a special one. Pay up.

On Mar 02, 2012
Awesome class!! Awesome instructor!!
On Mar 02, 2012
Veronika is a work of art and a wonderful teacher. Her dance classes are full of inspiration!
She has tought me great moves!!
Thank you Veronika, for sharing your passion of dancing with me!.

Portland Jastram
Irina Kazantseva
On Mar 02, 2012
Veronika is my zumba and pilates instructor and her classes are amazing!!! She is a true professional and she has an individual approach to everybody according to one's shape, age and capabilities. She gives me a lots of great energy and even after her class when I am sweating like crazy, I feel recharged!!!
Veronika's Response on Mar 02, 2012:
Thank you Irina, looking forward to train more with you

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