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I am a personal trainer looking for other personal trainer who want the BEST nutritional solutions for their clients.

7 Answers | Asked by Trey Harris on Aug 28, 2012

Answered by Trey Harris on Aug 28, 2012

Michael, I appreciate your response, and there is some validity in your statement. However, when dealing with clients needs, you and I both need to be efficient and effective. Not every client can afford the full metabolic/allergen/hormone (insert methodology here) screening necessary to fully ev...

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What is the current trend in fitness industry for 2013?

8 Answers | Asked by Camila Gill on Aug 27, 2012

Answered by Trey Harris on Aug 28, 2012

As you might imagine Bodybuilding has been losing both popularity and purpose - Its amazing what bodybuilders can do, especially the all natural competitors, but is that really functional? Functional training is P90X, its a Balanced workout that includes a cardiovascular and strength training. Yo...

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