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What do you think about allowing a client to videotape a session?

14 Answers | Asked by Kim Farmer 930 days ago
Answered by Tony Cress 919 days ago
To Each His Own on this one. If you don't mind, don't worry about it. But if you think you have some crazy top secret ... read more

How do you guys feel about putting up your pricing on your website??

18 Answers | Asked by ALI ATTAR 975 days ago
Answered by Tony Cress 975 days ago
haha.. I have the same question running through my head at times. The problem is, if you have a high price point, unle... read more

Can 30 minutes 2x a week be enough time to get noticable strength training results for the average individual

11 Answers | Asked by douglas kenworthy 1123 days ago
Answered by Tony Cress 1123 days ago
I'm going to say, if you go all out in those 30 minutes, you could see some strength gains for sure. As far as volume a... read more

As an fitness professional, how do you handle it when your spouse is very unfit?

12 Answers | Asked by Jude Forsyth 1249 days ago
Answered by Tony Cress 1249 days ago
I don't have a spouse, but hypothetically, I guess if that's your spouse, you accept them as they are. I understand tha... read more

Can you really tone your abdominals without doing crunches?

17 Answers | Asked by Soraya Parr 1347 days ago
Answered by Tony Cress 1347 days ago
Yes. Try any plyometric exercises, and you'll see exactly what you can accomplish without crunches. I haven't done any... read more

What do you think of Anna Kournikova as the next trainer on the Biggest Loser?

37 Answers | Asked by Kelli Davis 1401 days ago
Answered by Tony Cress 1358 days ago
Don't mind it at all. brings some star power to the show, which they obviously want, she is certified, which WE obvious... read more

Where is the best place for trainers to purchase fitness equipment?

20 Answers | Asked by Leah Welchel 1412 days ago
Answered by Tony Cress 1385 days ago
IDEA World Convention will get you new equipment, at some great prices. I've snagged some kettlebells and a Bosu Ballas... read more

How do you increase your income once your client base is full?

18 Answers | Asked by Sandy Todd Webster 1429 days ago
Answered by Tony Cress 1386 days ago
I am sure some of the other people have covered some of these solutions, as I see the one above me says raise your rate.... read more