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What are the most common fitness myths you hear from clients and friends? Let's debunk them!

10 Answers | Asked by Nicholle Bankston 1435 days ago
Answered by Tommy May 1430 days ago
1) Spot burning again, this one sticks like white on rice. 2) I am not losing weight so I must exercise more. ... read more

How can a fitness professional become recognized by health insurance companies as an approved provider?

5 Answers | Asked by Justin Cotter 1430 days ago
Answered by Tommy May 1430 days ago
There are two ways, one is the long road that any service has taken to get recognized by health insurance companies. Th... read more

What exercise programming solutions are you using to meet the needs of your clientele?

8 Answers | Asked by Joanne Duncan-Carnesciali 1433 days ago
Answered by Tommy May 1431 days ago
This is a tough one, there are a million ways to get from A to Z. I have a system I use that I find works for me. I be... read more

Do you take your own fitness advice or are you your own worst personal trainer?

26 Answers | Asked by jill lawson 1438 days ago
Answered by Tommy May 1437 days ago
On everything but stretching. I hate to stretch! I don't know about others but this the hardest thing for me to follow... read more

I am training for a marathon. How long before the race should I begin to taper down my training?

10 Answers | Asked by Dana Schlossberg 1474 days ago
Answered by Tommy May 1438 days ago
Your last long run had better be 2 weeks away from the marathon to 2 and a half. It takes about 2 weeks to fully recove... read more

I've never been a runner, but I'd like to become one. Where do I begin?

13 Answers | Asked by Shelly Hernandez 1438 days ago
Answered by Tommy May 1438 days ago
I am so glad you asked!! I love running, not because of competition but because I can get lost in my thoughts and, this... read more