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I have been involved with Martial Arts for over 25 years. I teach classes, workshops, and seminars in T.A.C.T.I.C.S. Martial Art, FMA, C.Q.T., Kyusho, Combative Locks, Knife Defense, Stick Fighting, Women's Self Defense, and more. http://www.tomgallotactics.com/calendar.asp. I am a Certifie... more less
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26-30 years

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Seishinkan Martial Arts - Trainer/Instructor
260 Jericho Turnpike, Floral Park, NY 11001
TomGalloTACTICS.com | (559) 697-5633
37-11 35 Ave Entrance on 37th street, Astoria, NY 11101

Additional Information

$20.00 / hr
This is the rate for one hour group classes. $30 two hour classes.Private sessions two people $125/hr. Seminars available
Payment Methods
Cash, Credit Cards
Awards & Accomplishments
2012 Kyusho Dedication Award in Recognition of Outstanding Contributions and Perpetuation of Kyusho Worldwide
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Client Reviews/Comments

13 reviews
Luis Solera
On Mar 16, 2013
Tom Gallo is an incredible instructor. He is passionate about his teaching and very exciting to learn from. He makes the class enjoyable and leaves you wanting to learn more every time. I've only been taking his class for two weeks and will not hesitate to continue forward with more classes. Looking forward to them!
Matt Binder
On Mar 15, 2013
Tom Gallo is an extremely knowledgeable and talented martial artist. As a martial artist myself with the desire to continuously expand my horizons, it is great to be able to train with him. He shows a technique, one I may already know and transforms my narrow view into a much broader understanding of several more applications for the one technique. His overall teaching style makes him a much sought after instructor for both experienced martial artists or people just beginning on their journey.
Marvin Fequiere
On Feb 16, 2012
My name is Marvin and I met Master Tom about 3 yrs ago. I sought him out because he was the only one who was teaching Kyusho at the time and he is currently the only certified testing Instructor in the 5 Burroughs. Once meeting him I knew we were going to have not only a Teacher/Student relationship, but a friendship as well. Master Tom has a way to himself that makes it easy to pass on and absorb info. Another one of his talents is the ability to find a weakness is a particular moment or technique in most forms of Martial Arts. I will stick with him till we're both masters with long white Beards. :-)
On Feb 15, 2012
Tom Gallo is a competent instructor. Tom is a very knowledgeable and skilled martial artist. He would not be a Certified Instructor with Kyusho International if he wasn't. If you are looking for a true teacher of the martial arts without all the nonsense that comes with commercial schools out there today, I highly recommend meeting Tom, and trying one of his classes.
Anastasios Mylonas
On Feb 14, 2012
My Name is Anastasios Mylonas , Tom got me interested in pressure points and knife defense. I love it and wish he could teach more times a week so I can reach a higher level, the things he teaches allot have forgot with this new sad era of the word mma involved with martial arts. What Tom Gallo teaches is a ART!
Pete Metaxas
On Jan 13, 2012
Tom and I have crossed paths often over the past 12 years and have spent a lot of time training together. Some people do, some people teach, Tom does both. I remember my first time training with him. I'm 6' 220lb he's 5'9" 150lb, first lesson, never underestimate anyone. He's unassuming but beware, he'll chop you in half if he had to. Personable, calm, mild mannered, quit witted, a great training partner with a wonderful personality. Having also been his student and watched him teach, he does a great job of bringing the material to the student. Breaks it down philosophically and psychologically and then shows the technique with the proper execution and makes the corrections and adjustments while you execute the technique over and over til you get it. I love that!
-Pete Metaxas
On Jan 11, 2012
I met Tom at the dojo where I have trained now for several years and discovered, in a casual conversation, that we had received a similar prior training in Qi Gong. Our continued dialogue led to examining other arts, one being Kyusho and related practices. I have had the occasion of attending some of his seminars and have found his practical knowledge and method of teaching the applications of his practice quite inviting. I would rated this professional at the highest.
Dave Nahon
On Jan 09, 2012
I’ve known Tom Gallo for many years and find him to be an upstanding, trusting, caring person, as well as a very talented martial artist. If you are looking for a true teacher of the martial arts without all the nonsense that comes with commercial schools out there today, I highly recommend meeting Tom, and trying one of his classes. It does not matter if you are a total beginner or an experienced student of the martial arts, his teaching style is relaxed, friendly and non judgmental. If you where to talk to any of his students, they would tell you how hard it is to find a great and compassionate teacher and how lucky they are to have found him. As for me, Tom is a great friend and a gifted teacher.

Dave Nahon
Frederick Richards
On Jan 07, 2012
I've known Tom for a number of years. I've studied a form of the martial arts with Tom and found that his knowledge of the arts was more vast than I knew. Since we came from different systems I decided to learn from him. Tom's teaching style is very relaxed and patient. He isn't afraid to share, question and be very open minded with his students. I highly recommend anyone interested in the arts to take a class with Tom.
Fred Richards
Personal Trainer
Martial Arts Practitioner
Jerry Bolack
On Jan 07, 2012
I've trained with Tom as often as possible over the last few years. Tom is a top notch guy and a top notch instructor. I highly recommend him to anyone I speak to in the area.

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