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My name is Todd Werginz and I have been a personal trainer at Mukwonago Athletic Club in southeastern Wisconsin for 4+years now . I am a former Biggest Loser contestant at the MAC and now an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach. I also hold a group instructor cer... more less
Years Experience
5-6 years
ACE - Lifestyle + Weight Management Coach
Expired 1/31/2014
ACE - Personal Trainer
Expired 1/31/2014
NETA - Group Exercise Certification
Expired 4/29/2013
National Safety Council
National Safety Council
Not Insured

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$40.00 / hr
Payment Methods
Cash, Credit Cards, Personal Checks
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2 reviews
On Jan 11, 2012
What can I say about Todd? How many characters do I have here? Todd is my inspiration on so many levels. For the 5 years it has taken me to take this weight off, Todd has been right there with me. During my own journey, I experienced his transformation/success before my very eyes. He has taught the most important lesson. I am responsible for my own destiny. I need to own this...not a trainer, not a friend I'm working out with, not the person at work that brought the donuts, but ME. I control my success and need to keep it in control using the very methodology Todd teaches. Not only will he make you a success...he will give you the tools you need to have continued success. THAT's what it's all about. Thanks, Todd, for paying it forward...I am confident in my own skin every day because you did :)
katy shemligian
On Jan 06, 2012
Todd is AWESOME!! His ability to get inside your head and tweek your inner voice is AMAZING!! He helped me realize that it is not only ok but manitory to put myself/health first!! His insistance on receiving my food log and checking in on my progress through weekly Skype calls made it possible for me to lose weight. Todd the Bod is the BEST!!

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