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Thomas Smith coaches people to Fitness Success! He is a results oriented, client focused trainer. Thomas has 15 years of Fitness Industry Experience, including weight management officer in the U.S Army, U.S Army Master Fitness Trainer, and collegiate level Exercise Science Instructor. Thomas bri... more less
BSc. Management and Ethics
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11-15 years
American Heart Association
Amerian Heart Association
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1072 Wolfrum Rd, St. Charles , MO 63304

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Corrie Donnell
On Sep 08, 2014
Initially I was looking for a personal trainer for my father. But then I started thinking I could use some help with weight loss and how to lift weights correctly. I got all I was looking for and more. I learned how to lift weights to get the most results and not hurt myself in the process. Not only is Thomas great at his job, he is experienced in helping people lose weight (especially women), knowledgeable, encouraging and all around good guy. What I didn't expect was to learn so much about mental toughness which will really make a difference in weight loss efforts. I would recommend Thomas to anyone no matter what your fitness goal is.
Monica Adams
On Aug 13, 2014
Ever felt like losing weight was just not ever going to happen? Ever felt like your food consumption was more of a food addiction? Have you tried various weight loss supplements, or dieting strategies and only to find NO results? Well… that’s me in a nut shell. After almost giving up on myself and the whole weight loss thing, I decided to try one more thing. I went looking for a personal trainer. I decided to go with Thomas, after reading his reviews from his clients I was even more inspired to give this a try. The first day was the worst I felt like a complete failure during our assessment workout. I could not believe how far I let myself go. Then magic happens, Thomas displays a love for what he does in such away that you get inspired and motivated to achieve greatness. He does NOT give up on you even when you may have on yourself. He is a dedicated and loyal trainer who takes his time and really helps the client build their confidence and drive. With each workout increasing you will come leaps and bounds from that dreadful day one workout. Keep in mind you’re the one putting in the work, but he is the one showing you how to do it and motivating you to never cheat yourself out of life. I have so much respect for Thomas and I know you will too once you start your journey!
Megan Herman
On Jul 25, 2014
I've been working with Thomas twice a week for 4 weeks now. I'm seeing the numbers on the scale go down, but more importantly I'm gaining confidence in my ability to reach my goals. I greatly appreciate the personal attention he's provided by customizing workouts and staying in contact between sessions to provide motivation.
Megan Herman
On Jul 25, 2014
I've been working with Thomas twice a week for 4 weeks now. I'm seeing the numbers on the scale go down, but more importantly I'm gaining confidence in my ability to reach my goals. I greatly appreciate the personal attention he's provided by customizing workouts and staying in contact between sessions to provide motivation.
Nicole Mullins
On Jul 22, 2014
Thomas is a great trainer who's really focused on giving his clients the results their looking for. As some of the others said, he's great at perfecting your form, injury prevention and making you sore for days at a time. He really motivates you to keep going and reach your goal.
Deirdre Nolan
On Mar 14, 2014
Thomas has helped me move past a lot of hurdles and change my way of thinking when it comes to my health. When I first started, I actually dreaded that hour with Thomas. I knew I would feel better for it after, and it was making me healthier; but the idea of doing all that work and pushing myself and the inevitable muscle soreness the following days because I hadn't used those muscles fully in years--I dreaded that. I was putting up more mental barriers than any physical ones I had. A little over a year later, I look forward to it and spend a lot more time at the gym on my own. I catch myself with 20 minutes of free time and instead of finding something sedentary to do, I will go walk/jog a mile and actually enjoy it! I've pushed past the "I can't do that" to accepting it as a new challenge to conquer. (Yes, Thomas, I know I still put up a lot of complaining about stuff and call you crazy, but I push through and do it. And yes, I still hate planks, even though they are getting easier to do.)

I've just recently reached a huge milestone since last January: 50 pounds. I know I should be more excited about it. It's just I know I have a long way to go still, and I'm still a little upset with myself for being in this position to begin with. But with the support and guidance, I know more now than ever before that I can do this, and I will reach that goal. With the success of this keto run, I see that goal as more and more of a possibility every time I step on the scale.

Honestly though, it's more than just seeing that number on the scale decrease (yes, that is very nice to see!). But what I'm most proud of and excited about is my outlook and how I feel. I'm craving the healthy foods, and I want to push myself physically. I WANT to be healthier, and I'm actually doing it.

Thanks for helping me reach this mark and continuing to help me work towards my goal, even though we clearly disagree on what "fun" means....lol
Kayla W
On Feb 20, 2014
Though I didn't get to attend as many classes as I wanted to, Thomas did a great job kicking my butt, and making me sore for 4 days straight! He is awesome at correcting form for maximum burn and injury prevention! Thanks so much Thomas!
Thomas's Response on Mar 01, 2014:
Kayla, is a woman who is very dedicated, and when I met her she had already been committed to transforming her body, and had did an excellent job! Thanks Kayla, I look forward to training with you again!
Chrissy Derda
On Nov 14, 2013
I have worked with a lot of Personal Trainers over the course of the years. Sure, they can tell you how much you should be working out, what type of workouts you should be doing and how many calories you should be consuming daily, and show you all these Fancy moves, but they leave one VERY important factor out: NUTRITION!!! We all know you can't Out Exercise a Bad Diet!! This is the one area for me that I struggled with that no other trainer could help me with.
After assessing my fitness level, Thomas was able to give me a great workout plan to set me in the right direction to help me achieve my Goals.
I am feeling stronger and leaner each day, and my endurance has increased Dramatically! The number on the scale is going down, and I couldn't be happier with Thomas as my personal Trainer!!
If you Stay Committed, Stay Positive, and Stay Focused, Everything else becomes "TOO EASY" :)

Della Williams
On Nov 06, 2013
Calling all heavy set women...who feel they are too nervous or shy or it would be too uncomfortable to exercise in front of a man...or in a group of people, or may feel they are "too heavy set" to exercise, or feel AWKWARD exercising...DISCARD all of those negative thoughts...I had THOSE SAME EXACT THOUGHTS...and then I met Thomas! He is friendly and so nice & he made the transition for me so smooth I wasn't quite sure what had happened to all of my low self esteem that kept me from bettering myself. I've decided he must be a SNAKE CHARMER!!HA! He has gotten me in the gym...He has taken me out of my comfort zone on so many levels...yet I stay...it was after a particular session when I was battling my demons of awkwardness that I revealed to Thomas I was a flight risk...if he'd turned his attention away from me for 1 second...I'd been gone...out the door of the gym w/out even a "see ya later"! BUT...I made it thru the session...I ended up laughing at myself...feeling empowered that I had DONE IT!! I survived some of my self doubt fears...and its all credited to Thomas and the personal, friendly, coach like way he trains you! He truly cares for your well being and you being the BEST you can BE!!!

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