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Questions Answered by THOMAS

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What are the benefits of doing supersets in a routine?

6 Answers | Asked by Gus Aguirre on Aug 27, 2011

Answered by THOMAS BOOE on Sep 02, 2011

Hi Gus, Everything Joannne, LaRue & Shawn said are right on the money. The one thing I would add is supersets, whether agonistic or antagonistic, are a must for me when I am training healthy individuals who have the strength and conditioning to handle because of all physical and time efficiency, b...

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What's the biggest obstacle to exercise for people who are overweight?

24 Answers | Asked by Ingrid Wentzel on Aug 29, 2011

Answered by THOMAS BOOE on Sep 01, 2011

Hi Ingrid, If we can only choose one, then I have to say it is the client and their relationship with food. Food is the key to weight loss bottom line. People who are overweight and trying to lose weight cannot without controlling food intake. They can lose lots of inches, drop sizes, chang...

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What is your inspiration for staying motivated and energized to be the best with your clients?

9 Answers | Asked by Susan Clancy on Jun 18, 2011

Answered by THOMAS BOOE on Sep 01, 2011

Susan, A few things always keep me energized... 1. Seeing a client reach a goal 2. Meeting and helping new people constantly 3. Learning new things and trying new routines/techniques 4. I thrive on exercise and being active, and I could not ask for more than to be able to take my passi...

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Balancing strength with endurance

11 Answers | Asked by Wendy Stewart on Sep 01, 2011

Answered by THOMAS BOOE on Sep 01, 2011

Hi Wendy, If you have no medical restrictions at the moment, really like weight lifting and are trying to build endurance you can try kettlebell training. A qualtiy and dynamic kettlebell routine will strong, dense, lean muscle that can go forever and actually increase flexibility. Just make su...

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What are the must things to do as a trainer to make the training experience a 5 star experience for my clients.

14 Answers | Asked by sizwe gumede on Aug 29, 2011

Answered by THOMAS BOOE on Sep 01, 2011

Sizwe, The personal training experience is about personal relationships and the way you create a 5 star experience is by building a strong professional relationship built on trust and that you care about them and their goals. This is done by... 1. Helping them set their goals: When you meet...

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