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I've always been glad to get in the gym; it has always been a great stress reliever. As a child, I did gymnastics for years, then I got interested in sports such as swimming, water polo, track and field, crew and football. Once I got married and had kids, it was suddenly much harder for me to "fin... more less
Years Experience
1-2 years
TRX - TRX Suspension Training Course
Zumba® - Zumba® Basic 1
Pending Verification
AFAA - Personal Trainer Certification
Agency Unavailable
Arthritis Foundation - Instructor training
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America Health Care Acadamy
America Health Care Acadamy

Theresa's Locations

There's-A-Burn-In-You - Trainer/Instructor
Within 25 miles of 19939 (Mobile Training Radius)
Powerhouse Gym - Ocean City - Trainer/Instructor
9936 Stephen Decatur Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842-9254
World Gym Millsboro - Trainer/Instructor
28595 DuPont Blvd, Millsboro, DE 19966
Energy Gym - Trainer/Instructor
36666 bluewater rd (lighthouse rd, rt 54), Selbyville, DE 19975
Bear Trap Pavilion - Trainer/Instructor
Willow Oak and October Glory, Oceanview, DE 19970

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$32.00 / hr
open to the public classes are per class per person.
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Client Reviews/Comments

5 reviews
Jennifer How
On Jul 13, 2011
Theresa is great! No matter what your fitness level she can find something to help you. I have been taking her Zumba class for a few months now and can tell that my energy has greatly increased. This morning I tried her Beach Boot Camp and it pushed me even further. I like that she is able to quickly adjust the exercises for each person so that they can get a full workout. There were people who had been doing the class for longer and I was worried it would be too much, but she gave suggestions for my fitness level. So no matter what your goals Theresa can help you get there, and make it fun while doing it.
todd walker
On Jul 10, 2011
From the first time I contacted Theresa I knew immediately what type of Personal Trainer she was: knowledgeable, exuberant, highly motivated and passionate about fitness. I've been an avid fitness enthusiast for over 30 years and have seen many different styles of training and Theresa definitely impresses me. Her love for fitness translates into a challenging work out set. I like to push my limits and she succeeding in pushing them even further with the Beach Boot Camp class I was in. She best emulates what the great Tom Landry said once about coaching, "to get men to do what they don't want to do, so that they can achieve what they always wanted to achieve". Thats what a coach does, a teacher does, a true leader does....and that's what Theresa does well!
Anna Blue
On Jul 07, 2011
Theresa is HIGH energy and has a great passion for what she does and the people she works with, these combined make her a great and motivational class leader and personal trainer both. I have had the pleasure of working with her for almost six months now and I am a much better person for it. Not only has my physical strength and endurance increased, but my confidence in my abilities far exceeds what it ever used to be because of her encouragement. Theresa always finds some way to push you just a little further than you thought you could go, and is quick to acknowledge growth and positive change. In the personal training realm she keeps things fun and interesting, always offering to introduce new and different ways of targeting muscle groups. From “crab walks” and “banana peels” to standard sit ups, resistance machines, or using the TRX, she will find a way to work every muscle (and some you may not have even known you had.) In the studio and class setting she is known to “woot woot” or whatever it takes (encouraging words or structured direction) to get you the best result, if that means getting your energy up in Zumba or getting your form correct on the TRX she’ll find a way. Theresa has bent over backwards for not only me, but numerous clients to fit in their work outs or address needs/concerns brought to her. When I started I only signed up for a one month membership at the gym to make sure I could fit it in my schedule, I also bought 12 PT sessions for that month. Theresa went out of her way to make sure that I got those sessions in and were it not for her I probably wouldn’t still be at it nearly 6 months later. I credit her for helping to change my attitude as well as my body and look forward to working with her for a long time to come.
Nick Moscatell
On Jul 07, 2011
Theresa is an amazing instructor and personal trainer! She is very energetic and has fun at what she does. She always has a smile on her face and makes people feel comfortable. I really like her zumba class because it it is fun and it makes me sweat! I just tried her her core class and I'm starting to like that also. I would definately recommend Theresa to anyone!
Mahealani Jones
On Jun 24, 2011
Theresa is amazing in any setting you put her, in a group, one on one, in a gym or on the beach. She's always excited to be there helping you get fit and it gets you excited to! Her circuit training is challenging and she is brilliant at pushing you as you need to be pushed, whether it is just getting more toned and more stamina or to build bulk. She is also very creative in her approach, which helps to keep the workouts from becoming tedious and boring. You never know what your next workout holds. I couldn't recommend her enough! She is definitely one of the best instructors and personal trainers I've come across. I give a 4 star rating only because everyone has to room for improvement.

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