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WHO I AM: I'm a former chubby girl who has been living the wellness lifestyle for about 12 years now, a certified personal trainer, real food devotee, group fitness instructor, writer, wife, organic gardener, 40-something Buddhist-lite, bee-keeping, backyard farmer. In my world view fitness and well... more less
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1-2 years
Expired 9/01/2014
American Heart Association

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Megan Dauphinais
On Sep 08, 2014
Hi my names megan Dauphinais. Im looking for a trainer that will help me get in shape, I leave for basic training for the army January 20th and id like to be be in top shape when I go. I need help on my running also with weight lifting pretty much everything. I want to be strong and I want to feel good. I need help doing sit ups to im so used to crunches regular sit ups are hard. Im fine with push ups but id like to be pushed more so I can do more than 10. I want to try to get a good 2 mile time, I want to be able to get 40-60 push ups in 2 mins, and atleast 60-100 sit ups in 2 mins. I used to train myself and I could do 100 sit ups and pushups in 2 mins but I slacked. I work 5 days a week so either mornings or nights around 6 ish would work. Im free weekends so Hopefully you would want to work with me and work something out. My email is dauphinaismegan@yahoo.com if youd like to contact me. Also id like if we could discuss price. Id like to hear from you soon. Thank you

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