Teheli Sealey

Port of Spain 00000, TT

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I enjoy working with all populations and levels of fitness. It is especially a great pleasure to introduce Beginner exercisers to engaging in a holistic approach to healthy living using the philosophy "small steps lead to big changes".
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1-2 years
ACE - ACE Health Coach
ACE - Personal Trainer
Trinidad and Tobago Red Cross
American Red Cross
Trinidad and Tobago Red Cross
American Red Cross
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3 reviews
Janelle Charlemagne
On Apr 20, 2014
Teheli is an awesome trainer. Her interactive workout sessions are the best. She caters to all fitness levels. I thoroughly enjoy how she changes up the routines to keep it fun yet challenge us at every session. She definitely knows how to motivate her clients to keep coming back. I love the results I get from working out with Teheli and look forward to working out with her as often as I possibly can.
M'aisha Thomas
On Apr 01, 2014
I thoroughly enjoy Teheli's Saturday morning Cross-fit sessions, which are an exhilarating total body workout, with the added benefit of being outdoors. She is encouraging and patient, and tailors routines to engage the different skill and flexibility levels of her clients.
As a wellness coach, Teheli provides a comprehensive service with a personal touch that I really appreciate: apart from the group exercise sessions on Saturdays, she sends messages to find out how I'm doing throughout the week, and shares helpful tips on fitness, mindfulness and nutrition. I've certainly observed improvements in both my physical appearance and my overall fitness level. I couldn't ask for more, and I continue to look forward to my Saturday mornings!
Teheli's Response on Apr 01, 2014:
Thank you M'aisha. I truly enjoy working with you and guiding all of my clients to a healthier lifestyle and am happy that your efforts are paying off.
I sincerely mean it when I say that Your well-being is my pleasure!
Tracy-Ann Solomon
On Jan 31, 2014
Teheli is amazing...I've never had such an effective workout plan crafted for me. I'm not out of shape but she was able to create a good workout plan for me. I'm amazed at how thorough she is with her workouts routine that she designed for me. In our 1-1 trainings, she was able to work with me on targeted goals for the first time in my life. What a difference this makes! Teheli made me feel confident in my athletic abilities and helped me to get me to the next level. I've really enjoyed my time with her.

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