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7-8 years
ACE - Group Fitness Instructor
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Zumba® - Zumba® Toning
NETA - Personal Trainer Certification
Expired 6/30/2014
Zumba® - Zumba® Sentao
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American Heart Association
American Heart Association
Philadephia Indemnity Ins. Co.

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fitness classes are purchased in a session package price, email me for details
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5 reviews
Sarah Korbel
On Sep 13, 2012
I did Boot Camp with Tamra this summer. She had us up at the crack of dawn 2 days a week! We were at different parks each week, and she always incorporated the workouts into the equipment and facilities that the park provided. Whether it be playing tag on the sand volleyball court, doing pushup using picnic tables or doing a zillion burpies in the grass, she got our hearts pumping. Great way to start the day. I’ll definitely be signing up next summer!
On Nov 10, 2011
I thought that Zumba was for Ladies with great dancing moves, or at least knew how to dance. but what a great class is been with Tamra not only that she makes it look easy but you can tell she loves her class , I took her summer class on August and love it now I'm on her class every month at first I would totally get lost with the moves but like she told me just don't stop moving your feet you will get. Now I love it and can't wait for Tuesday and Thursday, I love it my 30 mits work out at home takes for every but her 45 mits flies by and its lots of fun.
On Nov 09, 2011
Tamra is so fun to workout with. So has energy that is contagious! It's so easy to follow Tamra and not realize how hard you are working because she makes it so much fun. Time flies, this is what you need when you are working out! I haven't enjoyed exercise in a long time, Tamra is exactly what I needed! -Erin
On Nov 09, 2011
Tamra is a top notch Zumba instructor! Her intensity is awesome and it's comes so natural for her. Tamra makes you want to work hard but also enjoy the routines. It's a great setting to work out in and you barely know it, you are having so much fun! Erin
On Nov 01, 2011
Thanks to Zumba and Tamra, I finally enjoy working out! The music is awesome and I love the variety. Tamra is very good at creating routines that work every body part - abs, legs, and arms. The time flies by and it's more fun than exercise. - Cathy

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