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I have been practicing yoga for the last 18 years and have been teaching since 2008. Wellness to me is a combination of physical health, emotional balance and a spiritual connection to something outside of oneself. Yoga combines breathing, flexibility, strength and relaxation. This combination pro... more less
Teaching credential E-RYT, Sivananda International
Years Experience
9-10 years
SilverSneakers - Healthways Accreditation for Group Exercise
Pending Verification
SilverSneakers - YogaStretch
Pending Verification
Pending Verification
Pending Verification
Yoga Alliance - E-RYT 200
Agency Unavailable
Amerian Heart Association

Tami's Locations

INTULA YOGA - Trainer/Instructor
Within 50 miles of 90815 (Mobile Training Radius)
www.intulayoga.com | 562-706-4422
The Belmont Athletic Club - Trainer/Instructor
4918 E 2nd St, Long Beach, CA 90803-5318

Additional Information

$75.00 / hr
Or purchase a series of 10 private sessions for $550.00
Payment Methods
Cash, Credit Cards, Personal Checks
Awards & Accomplishments
E-RYT200 - Diploma #29899 - Sivananda International Yoga Centre
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Client Reviews/Comments

7 reviews
Gema Barrios
On Feb 26, 2015
Tami is a wonderful and very knowledgeable instructor. I have taken her classes many times and it is a wonderful experience every time. Being new to Yoga, I found her class as a perfect solution to stretch and relieve stress from everyday work. When I started her class I was having issues due to ergonomics at the desk. Her class helped my tremendously in alleviating the pain, and day to day stress.

She is wonderful and I would recommend her to anyone with the highest regard.
David Collier
On Feb 25, 2015
I have been attending Tami's yoga classes for almost a year now, and the resulting improvement in my quality of life is tremendous. Although I had realized physical benefits from previous yoga classes, I find that Tami's classes provide a much more holistic, total-body experience. She understands and embodies the mental and spiritual meditative components of true yoga, and encourages and facilitates their development with everything from her calming and soothing voice to her carefully-selected music and absolutely wonderful incorporation of Tibetan singing bowls to aid in chakra alignment and spiritual relaxation. My health and general state of mind has vastly improved since I started attending Tami's yoga classes, and I strongly urge anyone who is ready for a similar experience to seek her out and start enjoying a better life. Thank you Tami!
Elizabeth Lucas
On Feb 24, 2015
Tami has been my yoga instructor for two years. I have much better mobility and feel stronger because of her training. When we meet, we enjoy laughter, fitness training and relaxation all in the spirit of friendship! Tami is a wonderful teacher and coach.

Elizabeth Lucas
Anna Jorda
On Feb 18, 2015
Seven years ago today I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After treatment and later a double mastectomy, when I found out I was BRCA2 positive, I thought I would be done. However for me, the stress and worry was still there. Tami's classes have helped me to de stress and focus on my breath which has a wonderfully relaxing effect. I look forward to her soothing voice, smile, and hugs. The aromatherapy and touch increase the enjoyment of the yoga experience. Namaste.
Claudia Boyle
On Feb 18, 2015
Tami has helped me to be open to touch, learning to be still and letting my mind take a break. The Cancer diagnoses consumed my life. Meeting new people who have been through the journey and now moving forward with others in a exercise class (yoga) that I have never had time for or allowed myself to experience. Tami has such a soothing presence about herself. Voice, touch and ability to recognize someone that needs even just a hug.thank you to you Tami, for being such an important part of my healing and helping me to push through the hard parts of the journey I have taken.
You have made a difference in my life..
lisa guest
On Jun 24, 2014
Tami Hans and her Intula Yin Yoga helped me through a traumatizing break up and agonizing chemotherapy clinical trial. Her voice, her attitude, her knowledge base, her mellow but grounded essence helped me regain my focus, flow, and confidence. She is good with people of all ages. I know. I've felt like I was all ages throughout this process I endured. She was right there, reassuring me I'd be okay, and I was! I've taken lots of yoga on both coasts and she is THE BEST.
Kaci Coffee
On Jun 01, 2013
Have you ever been in someone's presence and felt inspired, grateful, rejuvenated, relaxed and open to whatever life may bring!? I hope so! This is the way I feel after every yoga session with Tami Hans. Whether she takes me through a Yin class or a Vinyasa flow; I feel stronger, centered, grounded and happy.

I highly encourage you to experience yoga with Tami. You will be grateful that you did!

In deepest gratitude,

Kaci C.

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