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Sue D'Alonzo

Berkeley, CA 94705

Questions Answered by Sue D'Alonzo

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is shoulder girdle part of the core

11 Answers | Asked by Evie Oberdorfer on Feb 12, 2013

Answered by Sue D'Alonzo on Feb 13, 2013

I am curious about this question I am in agreement with Joannes clarification but it sounds to me like you are confusing the core with the shoulder with stabilization. Please clarify Your business name includes the ore CORE!

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How to start a corporate wellness company

10 Answers | Asked by M K on Feb 11, 2013

Answered by Sue D'Alonzo on Feb 12, 2013

I suggest having the proper education, enough experience and nationally accredited certifications along with a business plan and model. Making connections is key here. Possibly finding the right marketing and PR person/company can be a great way to start.

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Do you utilize the holidays after Christmas to prompt promotional ideas for your fitness business?

6 Answers | Asked by Lawrence with Gym Insight on Feb 11, 2013

Answered by Sue D'Alonzo on Feb 12, 2013

If bootcamp falls on Valentines Day we let our bootcampers bring their valentines! Other than that, I don't promote off of the listed holidays. What I do promote is that exercise is a must even on "holidays"!!

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actions of the knee joint and primary muscles involved

7 Answers | Asked by Derek McKissick on Feb 09, 2013

Answered by Sue D'Alonzo on Feb 10, 2013

The knee is responsible for flexion and extension The Hamstrings: Biceps Femoris, Semimembranosus,Semitendinosus and The Quads: Biceps Femoris, Vastus Intermedius, Vastus Lateralis, and Vastus Medialis are the muscles involved.Last but not least, the Popliteus is responsible for knee flexion also.

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I'm looking to lose about 130 pounds for free (no joining expensive programs) without having to have surgery - suggestions?

19 Answers | Asked by Valerie Brooks on Feb 09, 2013

Answered by Sue D'Alonzo on Feb 10, 2013

I am a true believer in tracking food I have my clients use it's a free app and it's great! Set realistic, measurable goals for yourself. Be patient Set yourself up for success and you will be successful

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I am having problems with military presses and lateral raises. What muscles are at fault?

10 Answers | Asked by Orlando HARDING on Feb 09, 2013

Answered by Sue D'Alonzo on Feb 09, 2013

I agree with Karin and Harris Without seeing your form, or knowing your workout schedule, I can't give you an explanation. It may be a matter of overuse or a torn muscle Please see an orthopedic and hopefully get an MRI which will give you a good starting point.

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pain in upper trapezius

10 Answers | Asked by Chad Johnson on Feb 08, 2013

Answered by Sue D'Alonzo on Feb 08, 2013

I concur with Joanne, I would be a bit more aggressive with my insistence to see a neurologist and get to the root of the problem before attempting any remedies on your own.

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Has Anyone Tried Suja Juice?

7 Answers | Asked by Jason Davis on Feb 07, 2013

Answered by Sue D'Alonzo on Feb 07, 2013

I agree with Karin Always read labels and ask yourself why?

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I want to start as a free-lance personal trainer, meaning I don't want to Incorporate or create LLC.

10 Answers | Asked by Tamara Buck on Feb 05, 2013

Answered by Sue D'Alonzo on Feb 05, 2013

Check out the requirements of your county and if need be, file a fictitious business name and then acquire a business license. This is fairly standard and ethical. As a sole proprietor I also suggest setting up a business checking account and seeking the advice of a tax attorney. Make sure you ...

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Who else enjoys reading the IDEA Member Spotlight?

9 Answers | Asked by NatalieSmith NAPS 2 B Fit on Feb 04, 2013

Answered by Sue D'Alonzo on Feb 04, 2013

I think it's a fantastic feature!

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