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Sue D'Alonzo

Berkeley, CA 94705

Questions Answered by Sue

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What is your favorite method to deliver a meal plan to your clients (or meal plan suggestions)?

10 Answers | Asked by Beth Jones on Nov 10, 2015

Answered by Sue D'Alonzo on Nov 12, 2015

I don't give out meal ideas, instead I will ask my client what they ate for lunch and then we discuss if they made the best choice available to them. As a Health Coach I do talk a lot about nutrition with my clients and have been very successful with coaching them towards a healthier life. When...

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I have a class member who thinks she has De Quervain syndrome. Does she need to stop doing TRX and using kettlebells?

2 Answers | Asked by Dolores Pitcock on Oct 29, 2015

Answered by Sue D'Alonzo on Oct 30, 2015

She should get it checked out by her doc I would have her work with whatever modalities she can tolerate.

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What holds you back from raising your rates?

9 Answers | Asked by Beverly Hosford, MA on Oct 29, 2015

Answered by Sue D'Alonzo on Oct 30, 2015

For my loyal clients I rarely raise my rates, for new clients I charge a higher rate.

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How to tell a client no

7 Answers | Asked by Jayne Powers on Oct 13, 2015

Answered by Sue D'Alonzo on Oct 13, 2015

I would make it clear that she is no longer your client and if she'd like to work with you she can pay you before you can engage any further with her. You have to be direct and assertive

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I am an independent trainer in Va,I am interested in starting a boot camp, I have great ideas for the camp but

5 Answers | Asked by Angie Lee on Oct 05, 2015

Answered by Sue D'Alonzo on Oct 05, 2015

I have 2 outdoor bootcamps I run them differently / one is a drop in but I must have 5 people in order to have it, I charge $15 per class. The other is a 6 week bootcamp/we offer 1,2, or 3 times a week. Check out my website at We have 32 people in it this time...

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i am 62 years old and currently have four personal traning licences from NASM . How do i start my second career ?

4 Answers | Asked by Richard Newman on Sep 28, 2015

Answered by Sue D'Alonzo on Sep 28, 2015

It would be great if you would fill in your fitness connect page and list your 4 certifications (there are no licenses in this industry) Make sure you have a business plan and liability insurance Join local clubs/groups and get the word out that you are a trainer/print up business cards Start a b...

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I am a personal trainer, and I am finding it more challenging to recruit new customers in the fall and winter , any ideas?

7 Answers | Asked by Angie Lee on Sep 25, 2015

Answered by Sue D'Alonzo on Sep 27, 2015

I'm not sure why it's seasonal. What are your goals? What do you want to achieve? How much does your business fall off during these times? What makes the other times more successful?

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I am connecting with my personal trainers at my local gym. What does NCCA accredited mean and is PTIA?

3 Answers | Asked by Heather Drugos on Sep 21, 2015

Answered by Sue D'Alonzo on Sep 27, 2015

It would be GREAT if everyone understood the different levels of certifications I have had SO many people tell me their trainer is "certified", which they are but they are certified with Golds Gym for example or they are Cross Fit trainers. Our industry is NOT Regulated It's really buyer beware...

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How do I update the expiration dates of my certifications?

4 Answers | Asked by Catherine O'Mordha on Sep 25, 2015

Answered by Sue D'Alonzo on Sep 27, 2015

This is another great reason why to stay current and take the CEC tests so that when you're ready to renew you have all the requirements.

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Has anyone ever fired a difficult client and had them threaten to defame?

9 Answers | Asked by Lena Ryman on Sep 25, 2015

Answered by Sue D'Alonzo on Sep 27, 2015

This has not happened to me but I can only imagine how it made you feel Personally, I would not give her another thought, although I would check YELP and if she does write a nasty review you can respond to it in a neutral manner. Other than that, you are doing the best thing by getting rid of he...

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