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I have been a certified Personal Trainer for over 10 years. I train clients in their home or my Studio. Small group, individualized or virtual sessions. I currently teach classes at San Luis Coastal School Adult School in Yoga, Indoor Cycling, Full-body Strengthening & Balance, Pilates, Kickboxing a... more less
BA Political Science, North Carolina State University
YogaFit Levels I and II, YogaFit
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9-10 years
ACE - Personal Trainer
Spinning - Certified Spinning Instructor (STAR 1)
PB11 - Turbo Kick Instructor Training
Pending Verification
Schwinn Cycling - Schwinn Cycling Certification
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Tabata Bootcamp - Tabata Bootcamp Training
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American Heart Association
American Heart Association
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Sue Conrad - Fitnesscanbfun - Owner/Manager
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Fitness expert on www.expertvillage.com
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41 reviews
Amanda Russell
On Feb 22, 2015
My journey with Sue began in October last year. I have participated in the M/W/F Tabata Bootcamp class that she offers at my local gym. It is now the end of February and I am now down 20lbs, and am much stronger. I truly admire Sue's committment to all her clients, and her contagious enthusiasm. We are all different sizes, shapes, and abilities, yet Sue has us all working to each of our fullest potentials. Class never gets old because she keeps the circuits fresh each time. With her encouragement I have now added her Powerhouse Spin once a week and love it!
On Feb 10, 2015
Sue has been my Pilates instructor for over a year now. She is helpful yet not critical. She is capable of teaching to all fitness levels. Her classes can be challenging, but she always presents modifications if your skills are not quite there. Her classes always go by so fast! I highly recommend her Pilates classes to anyone interested.
Tom Lancaster
On Jan 20, 2014
Throughout my youth and early adulthood I had to keep myself in top shape. After switching to a "desk job" and raising a family for 20+ years, my waistline expanded, my weight rose, and my physical condition became rather pathetic. The thought of joining a gym never appealed to me, but I convinced myself to join Sue's Spin Class that was offered through the local school district. It was great! I eventually joined Sue's Tabata Boot Camp, as well. My weight dropped significantly. I'm in the best shape I've been in years, and I have to start shopping for new pants because the old ones are now too loose! Sue started me on the path toward a substantially healthier life. She varies her workout routines, and makes sure that they are fun and never boring. I particularly enjoyed the fact that our early-morning Boot Camps were always filled with laughter! Morro Bay's loss is Alaska's gain.
Pete Sarafian
On Jan 13, 2014
I have taken fitness classes with Sue for many years, and find her a delight to be with. She is competent and very personable. We had lots of fun and lots of sweat!
Julie O'Connor
On Jan 10, 2014
I have enjoyed taking various fitness classes from Sue over the past two years. She is an excellent fitness instructor not only because of her knowledge and ability but an inspiration to her students through her caring and positive attitude.
Laurie Wermuth
On Jan 07, 2014
Sue is an excellent fitness instructor. She inspires and is up-to-date on fitness information and techniques. I took Pilates from her for two and a half years and would be still her student if she hadn't needed to relocate. Her knowledge of a wide variety of exercise techniques makes her a very well rounded instructor, blending approaches.
Meisha Lorge Geever
On Jan 05, 2014
Sue is super committed, patient, kind, and a fabulous instructor. I took her prenatal yoga class throughout my pregnancy and I am sure her guidance helped ease both my pregnancy and labor. Any student would be blessed to have her as an instructor--I give her my highest and most enthusiastic recommendation. If I could add another 10 stars I would!
Sandra Halvorson
On Jan 03, 2014
Not only is Sue a excellent Pilates teacher but she truly cares about her students. Two years ago, after beginning Sue's Pilates class, I realized I might have to abandon my quest for better health due to a physical problem. When I mentioned this to Sue she offered to meet with me privately and work through alternative ways to do the exercises so I could continue in the class. With her suggestions and guidance I have been able to enjoy Pilates and have seen amazing results. Thank you, Sue, for taking the time to turn a problem into a wonderful outcome. Sandy H.
Elaine Coats
On Jan 02, 2014
I have had the pleasure of attending Sue's Strength Training classes for several years. She's a wonderful fitness instructor. It is apparent that she cares about her students, as her classes are specifically tailored for her students needs -- for all age groups -- as she is challenging yet gentle. I can't recommend her highly enough!
Lynne Robinett
On Jan 01, 2014
Sue was my instructor for boot camp and Tabata boot camp classes, and she has a way of making even the most rigorous workout fun and interesting. She was always changing things up, and encouraged the class members to bond and support one another, creating a sense of community and making the workout more enjoyable. Sue has a great sense of humor and cares very much about each individual student.
Hayley Cushing
On Jan 01, 2014
I've taken yoga classes from many people and Sue is by far one of the best. She is a great instructor because she offers lots of little bits of insight on modifications and ways to tailor the class to your own practice and she is always approachable. She makes the class fun while being relaxing, and she makes you feel good about how you are doing.
Carolyn Kelley
On Dec 31, 2013
Sue is the best. I've been in her strength and body tone class for several sessions. Her training and techniques are a great addition to any fitness program to build core strength and flexibility. There is just enough to push my limits yet not too much. She is very conscientious about individual abilities and always offers modifications and positive encouragement. The exercises are very challenging...not hard....Challenging! Sue's very knowledgable and cares a great deal about her students.
Sara Williams
On Dec 31, 2013
I took Sue's kickboxing class & really enjoyed it. I was new to kickboxing & slightly intimidated by the thought of it. I instantly felt comfortable & welcomed. I continued on with her early morning bootcamp & spin class. I appreciated her knowledge, dedication & timeliness.
Karmen Stilts
On Dec 30, 2013
Sue is an incredible inspiration to me. Being in the industry for over ten years, I feel Sue is one of the best instructors I've come across to support my physical goals. Sue is wonderful because of her caring approach and teaching style, as well as her fun and knowledgeable approach to her classes.
Jill Falcone
On Dec 30, 2013
Sue is a great fitness instructor. I have enjoyed her classes for many years now. It is clear that Sue cares for her students, Her classes are especially helpful for the 50+ students because they are challenging yet gentle. I highly recommend Sue as a teacher!
Michelle Clark
On Dec 30, 2013
Sue is my Pilates instructor and I highly recommend her. Her group class consists of mat and ball exercises. She keeps it interesting by mixing up the exercises and never making one day the same as the next. She begins class promptly with a smile on her face. And for an hour she keeps us exercising with her soothing encouraging voice and fun music. I leave invigorated and ready to meet the day. I really enjoy and love her classes! M Clark

Gloria Bell
On Dec 30, 2013
I've taken numerous fitness classes through the San Luis Coastal Adult School Program over the past 15 years. My favorites were taught by Sue. I took the Tabata Boot Camp class (at 6:30 AM) more than once and Sue was a great instructor. I was looking forward to taking it again this summer and am sad to hear she is moving to Alaska. I can take Pilates classes for free at my gym, but have paid to take them from Sue and will miss her classes immensly. I have lost around 60 pounds and have managed to keep it off while taking her classes. I think she is a most dedicated instructor and everyone who has a chance to take her classes, should do so. I give Sue 5 stars.
megan dedic
On Dec 30, 2013
Sue is a fabulous cycling instructor! She pushes you to push yourself and always walk away feeling great. She has a great playlist that coincides with each workout to make it fun and motivating!
n adams
On Dec 30, 2013
Sgt Sue is a wonderful fitness instructor/coach! Who else could motivate a group of folks ranging in age from 16 to their 60’s (70’s?) to get up and workout at 6 am? Her tabata bootcamp classes are fun, but rigorous and empowering. I felt myself getting stronger and more fit every day! Her kick boxing classes are equally beneficial and fun. Initially, I did not like the kickboxing quite as much, until I could see and feel the difference in my arm strength and tone-Wow! As other’s have noted, Sue is firm but understanding of each person’s different needs. She provides various options to perform each exercise and helps you meet your personal goals without being judgmental. I have greatly enjoyed the mix of outdoor and indoor including strength training and aerobic work she uses as well as the teamwork she promotes. Thanks, Sue!
Dona Connell
On Jul 09, 2013
Sue is a great teacher and usually gives several different ways of doing an exercise to make it easier for you to get stronger in stages. I absolutely love her gentle yoga class. The music is very peaceful and at the end of class, she sometimes offers a reading with an inspirational view. Very good for your soul and body, especially as you get older in life.
D Larson
On Jun 09, 2013
Love Sue’s Body Tone class! I have been attending for a couple of years. Great variety including strength, pilates, and gentle yoga. Sue motivates, but she also makes the class fun and engaging. Thanks Sue!
A Jackson
On Apr 04, 2012
I consider myself very lucky to have found Sue's yoga class. The class suits all levels, from the long-time practitioner to the novice, and from the very adept and flexible to the individual working through or with physical limitations. Sue leads us through a core series of flows and postures that promote flexibility, balance, and strength, with enough class-to-class consistency that a practitioner can improve and progress to more demanding versions, while maintaining variety to prevent staleness and monotony. What I particularly admire about Sue is her rock-solid stability while members may struggle to achieve balance in a posture (everyone who's ever attended yoga class knows how important focus is for this aspect of class!). I know Sue teaches a variety of other classes, and commutes to our setting from an earlier class, so I appreciate her ability to center herself and the class into a composed and tranquil atmosphere. And what I especially like about Sue is her wonderful voice: calm and low, guiding and encouraging, cueing without being intrusive. I have practiced yoga in several settings: a studio, through community college, and in fitness clubs. This class is my favorite of all I have attended.
On Mar 25, 2012
Sue is a wonderful yoga teacher. Her sessions are just challenging enough to make it interesting and doable. She manages all age and skill levels. Thanks Sue for all you do.
Jennifer Norton
On Mar 24, 2012
I started taking Sue's gentle yoga class in January, and it's been 3 months...I feel better, I look better, my flexibility is much improved, and people who I haven't seen in a couple months come up to me and ask what I've done? My skin, my posture....Love yoga! Love Sue!
Tirtza Abuan
On Mar 24, 2012
This is by far the best Yoga class I have taken. The stretching and exercises we do for each session have made me feel so much better. Not only do I feel that my muscle tone has improved, but also the ability to be more aware of my body, breathing, and control makes me want to come to class. I appreciate the meaningful guiding words that Sue uses as she leads us through the session. Thank you Sue.
On Mar 23, 2012
What can I say...Sue's classes have been AWESOME! I have been taking pilates and kickboxing. Wow! The bod' is showing response! I feel stronger, I have energy and I look forward to every class! I love how Sue uses different tools to do the work. She keeps it fresh and engaging. We are a class as a whole, working together, but she taylors it to your personal needs. I'm sad that the sessions are coming to a close...BUT I am SO looking forward to the next session(s)! Can't get enough! Sue, your turning me nto a fitness junkie! hahaha... THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!
~Kelli McClellan
Monica Hernandez
On Mar 16, 2012
Sue has been my fitness instructor for about 2yrs now.(Boot Camp, Kick Boxing, Cycling and Private Training sessions) No matter what shape you are in, Sue will help to improve your over all heath,while making you feel and look amazing! Thanks Sue for all that you do. :)
Liz Bednorz
On Mar 16, 2012
I started working out with Sue in January. I thought I was in better shape. How wrong I was. Sue keeps the classes fun and engaging. There is always a challenge.
Who knew I could run nearly a quarter of a mile. I know it doesn't sound like much but to me I can now put a new goal on the table and have the courage to sign up for a 5k.
Smita Ganpule
On Mar 15, 2012
Sue is a great trainer. She is gentle yet firm at the same time. She tailors her workouts to her client's day-to-day needs so you never have an excuse to not work out;-) I have been working out with her for the last four years and I now can do exercises that I once thought were impossible for me to do.
Natasha Wetzel
On Mar 14, 2012
Sue is a great instructor! She gears her workouts for all fitness levels. In some cases this would not be good for those who need a more intense workout but, she makes sure to show how to intensify each routine. Sue knows how to "encourage" you without being one of those in your face instructors. I have been taking many of her classes for months and plan on continuing to do so. Thanks Sue!
Steven Wayne
On Mar 02, 2012
Flexibility, gentle stretching, soothing music, tranquility of body & mind, breath development, guided meditations, core muscle strength for my back (I've even given up my chiropractor): these are the rewards of taking Sensai Sue Conrad's "Gentle Yoga" classes for the past three years. I cannot recommend her enough to all seeking quality of life with a gentle approach.

Steven Seybold
SLO, Ca.
Dawn Rodden
On Jan 08, 2012
I had always wanted to try a Kickboxing class and was excited that Sue offered one. I am not an early morning person (6;30 am) but Sue's class really motivated me. She is encouraging and makes you feel like you can do it no matter what your physical level is. I plan on taking her class again and even bought myself a a cardio kickboxing bag. Sue may seem to be a quiet person but she just lights up when she is teaching her class.
idona cabrinha
On Jan 05, 2012
My family and extended family just completed a wonderful 2 consecutive day Yoga morning at Avila Beach, CA. There were 10 of us one morning and 4 the next. Sue's gracious and calm led Yoga session was adaptable to all ages (kids ages 5 - 12, and adults up to age 60+!) If you haven't already experienced Sue as an instructor, don't procrastinate, check out any of her classes as I'm sure they are all excellent! (I am a user of Yoga and Spin classes and they both are excellent!)
On Jan 04, 2012
Sue has been my yoga teacher for several years. I have also taken Sue's Pilates and Cycling classes. Sue is an excellent teacher because she is very caring and mindful of each students needs. My fitness level and skills have improved dramatically since Sue has been my teacher.
Karen Battaglia
On Jan 03, 2012
Sue is a wonderful personal trainer. She is encouraging and motivating but still understanding of each individuals energy and fitness level. I would and have recommended her to family and friends. I'd love to take her classes but live too far away to do so. Maybe the next North County boot camp!
katie brum
On Jan 03, 2012
I have had the pleasure of having Sue as my fitness instructor for several months now. (Spin, Kick boxing and Boot Camp) She is very encouraging and welcoming to those of us "new" to the workout scene. I love her classes for so many reasons...her positive, upbeat attitude, great music selection, constantly changing routines and her gentle nudges to get us back on track. I look forward to working out with Sue again this year!!
Evelyn Lanteigne
On Jan 02, 2012
Sue has been doing the Body Tone class with the Adult School for a couple of years now. The best part of her training is the ability to modify moves for all levels of the attendees. I look forward to her classes weekly and love her sense of humor.
On Jan 01, 2012
A great yoga teacher!!!
On Jan 01, 2012
I look forward to my yoga sessions with Sue. After every session I feel fully uplifted. In every class I feel encouraged to be where I am physically and in that allowing I stretch and find confidence in moving beyond what I believed I was capable of. I have been doing Sue's classes for over a year and will continue as long as she teaches. Thank you Sue, your caring and gentle nature is greatly appreciated.
David Brown
On Dec 31, 2011
I have benefited from having Sue as a personal trainer for about two years. Her encouragement of improved performance is balanced by her attention to my daily energy level and the effects of injuries. Her workouts provide a nice mixture of cardio, strength and mobility training. I completely agree with Molly's summary of Sue's character and personality.
Suzanne (Molly) Burke
On Dec 31, 2011
Sue is an excellent Yoga instructor. I have worked with her for over 3 years and have derived such fitness and self awareness from yoga. She has a gentle soul and demonstrates that she truly loves her work and us. She goes beyond the average yoga instructor in caring about what areas you would like to improve in. She is the best in town!!

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