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Stephanie Allin

Puslinch, ON L0P 1J0

Questions Answered by Stephanie

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I have a new client who has had TRAM flap surgery

6 Answers | Asked by Stephanie Allin on Oct 18, 2012

Answered by Stephanie Allin on Jan 01, 2016

It turns out my client did not have TRAM flap surgery. Her reconstruction was conducted by another method. She is doing quite well! I really appreciate all the advice to do my job well (aka - do the research, consult available medical and pt). I would never do things any other way, actually - as wo...

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Post carpal tunnel surgery post rehab exercise

6 Answers | Asked by Stephanie Allin on Nov 12, 2012

Answered by Stephanie Allin on Dec 29, 2012

Thanks, all. I have indeed done research - just as I do for all my clients. It's one of the reasons that I posted here. Not sure about increasing the grip circumfrence, but will look into it. My client is quite petite (4'9") and has very small hands. Her current workout utilizes machines for much ...

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Helping a client lose her belly bulge after breast surgery

10 Answers | Asked by Karen Savacool on Jun 21, 2012

Answered by Stephanie Allin on Oct 18, 2012

Check out TRAM flap surgery. That's where they use muscle and tissue from the transverse and rectus abdominus to reconstruct the breast. I've looked at a bunch of pictures and drawings and it honestly looks to me like they took it all from one side of the body. So, in your case, it could be that...

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