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Philip Balloons

Canton, OH 44702

Questions Answered by Philip

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Any ideas on how to become paper free- intake forms etc?

1 Answer | Asked by Marie Edgar about 19 hours ago

Answered by Philip Balloons about 26 minutes ago

Oh hi Marie, Have you ever tried google docs? I keep all my forms there to avoid the clutter and tree waste. You could have them sign the docs and then keep it in the cloud. Also docs work the same as microsoft word products yet you can access them anywhere thus eliminating a flash drive. Might b...

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please tell anyone Walking is better than jogging

1 Answer | Asked by ijaz besant on Oct 16, 2017

Answered by Philip Balloons about 29 minutes ago

Oh hi, Everyone is different. For some running is better than walking while for others it is better for one to walk. Running vs walking depends on the clients and what they want to get out of fitness. -Philip

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IDEA Member Perks

1 Answer | Asked by Darrin John on Oct 12, 2017

Answered by Philip Balloons about 31 minutes ago

Oh hi Darrin, There are a bunch of reasons that it is worth your $ to sign up for idea. Publicity, CECs, great articles, and more. -Philip

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Where do I look to find out what the different memberships have to offer?

2 Answers | Asked by Jack Dial on Sep 21, 2017

Answered by Philip Balloons on Sep 22, 2017

Hi Jack, What exactly are you wanting to compare? Different certification organizations, idea memberships, or something totally different?

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Am Looking for A trainer to work for my personal Training Studio .. Is there any way to find one?

2 Answers | Asked by ABDULLATIF ALMARAGHI on Sep 19, 2017

Answered by Philip Balloons on Sep 22, 2017

There are many sites you can advertise positions on. From idea to, job sites, to even free sites like Craigslist or a site that is similar in Kingdom of Bahrain. Also there are often Facebook groups if you look up your location that you could post it.

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Do you ever have your clients jump rope?

4 Answers | Asked by Tim Haft on Sep 08, 2017

Answered by Philip Balloons on Sep 16, 2017

Oh hi, Jumping rope depends on the client and the point of the workout. Some clients are not good at the skill or I want less impact. With that being said I'm not opposed and it is one item I encourage clients to travel with due to size and benefits.

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budget for health fitness facilities

3 Answers | Asked by Sara Moseley on Sep 12, 2017

Answered by Philip Balloons on Sep 16, 2017

Oh hi, Payroll, equipment, insurance, lease/rent, oh the list could go on.

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why is the use of microphones when teaching important?

5 Answers | Asked by Cheryl Stevens on Sep 09, 2017

Answered by Philip Balloons on Sep 11, 2017

Oh hi, I've taught over 600 classes and I would say half of those were without using a microphone. As Elizabeth said above it really depends on the size of the class and the location/size of room. Also it comes down to what type of class you teach. If the instructor has to move a lot or breathes ...

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Are there any in class training for water aerobics certification?

2 Answers | Asked by Ann Shih on Aug 28, 2017

Answered by Philip Balloons on Sep 01, 2017

Oh hi, A lot of the YMCAs have water aerobic classes and sometimes certifications. When I'm looking up a certification that is hard to find I just find an instructor in the same field. You could call up a YMCA and ask to speak to one of their water aerobic instructors.

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How to make my client feel good in the gym?

4 Answers | Asked by Della Chen on Aug 23, 2017

Answered by Philip Balloons on Sep 01, 2017

Oh hi, The big thing is understanding what they need and want to feel comfortable in that setting. First off the more someone does something the more comfortable they'll feel. Also put yourself in their shoes. What did you do or have to learn before you started feeling comfortable? Remember ba...

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