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Owner of health/fitness business thinking about working for a big name gym

1 Answer | Asked by Donna Meeker-O'Rourke on Oct 29, 2017

Answered by Sherry Smilar on Oct 30, 2017

The advantages of working in a big gym are the large number of clients you have access to, being able to do less of the business administration tasks and having other trainers to bounce ideas off of. Disadvantages are that you will likely be pushed to sell as much personal training as possible. You ...

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I got a job offer for personal training through email. How do I know it is safe?

3 Answers | Asked by Latricia Mayhone Hoover on Oct 21, 2017

Answered by Sherry Smilar on Oct 30, 2017

Unfortunately there are several scams going on lately where you receive an unsolicited email asking about personal training. They usually ask if you take credit cards as payment and don't provide much more information. Hopefully this is not what you are facing. Try asking more questions without givi...

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good knee stretches?

6 Answers | Asked by Debbie Hufnagel on Jul 30, 2017

Answered by Sherry Smilar on Jul 31, 2017

As others have said, it depends on the client. Where is the knee pain? What is causing it? Are the knees tracking properly? Sometimes strength is more important than stretching when it comes to knee pain, but you need to assess movement patterns to determine where to start.

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What type of exercise regimen would be best for this client?

3 Answers | Asked by Cheryl Wiest on Jul 26, 2017

Answered by Sherry Smilar on Jul 26, 2017

I'm glad she is seeing a clinical nutritionist since this could be a case of disordered eating. I would not recommend pilates unless it is with someone who is trained to work with people with low bone density. Many pilates postures are not recommended for those with low bone density. I would recomme...

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What are the best cardio workouts for older people to do at home?

4 Answers | Asked by Zhada Eaves on Jul 14, 2017

Answered by Sherry Smilar on Jul 16, 2017

Since I am 50, I resent the implication that being over 50 is older :) She should probably find out from her physician or physiotherapist what the cause of the knee and foot pain is. This will help you determine the best course of action for her. Is it arthritis, muscle imbalance or just improper f...

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how do i train client who has diabetes

3 Answers | Asked by jay park on Jun 10, 2017

Answered by Sherry Smilar on Jun 12, 2017

It really depends on the client and their needs and goals. It is not a one size fits all approach. Make sure that you monitor the client for signs of blood sugar dropping, which usually happens during exercise. Weight training is usually more effective for lowering blood sugar levels than cardio, bu...

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the nutrition component weight los diet versus exercise

3 Answers | Asked by Dina Genovese on May 15, 2017

Answered by Sherry Smilar on May 19, 2017

Proper nutrition is more important for weight loss, but without exercise you are more likely to put the weight back on.

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How good circulation prevents diabetes?

3 Answers | Asked by Evah Linear on May 09, 2017

Answered by Sherry Smilar on May 12, 2017

There are 2 main types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2. Type 1 is largely genetic and not related to other health factors, although exercise generally helps with symptoms. Type 2 diabetes can also be genetic, but being inactive or overweight are contributing factors. Exercise helps to improve the bod...

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increase bone density in hips

3 Answers | Asked by M.C. Doreen Rioux on Apr 26, 2017

Answered by Sherry Smilar on Apr 27, 2017

As we get older it gets harder to increase bone density. I agree with Natalie on getting your doctor's clearance and doing weight bearing exercises. Weight training with heavy weights can be helpful, but you'll want to work up to it, if you haven't been doing it. Add some balance exercises to preven...

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Best Nutrition courses

3 Answers | Asked by Gaƫlle Bovy on Apr 25, 2017

Answered by Sherry Smilar on Apr 25, 2017

I've done Precision Nutrition. It is about half nutrition and half coaching. I would recommend it. Sherry Smilar

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