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Hi, I'm Shanrika from Atlanta, Ga. My love for fitness developed at a young age as I was always active in sports. Sports instilled in me a sense of teamwork and an active awareness of maintaining top shape to be able to compete with the best. I allowed this passion to fuel my decision of my future c... more less
BS Health and Fitness Management, Clayton State University
Years Experience
3-4 years
PN - Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified
ISSA - Personal Trainer Certification
Expired 4/18/2013
Amerian Heart Association
Amerian Heart Association

Shanrika's Locations

Workout Anytime - Trainer/Instructor
2865 Lavista Road, Decatur, GA 30033
Reversing Trends Fitness - Owner/Manager
Within 25 miles of 30307 (Mobile Training Radius)

Additional Information

$45.00 / hr
Prices may vary depending on the program you choose
Payment Methods
Cash, Credit Cards, Personal Checks
Awards & Accomplishments
Graduated college 2010
Semi- Pro Basketball Player (WUBA)
Languages Spoken
American Sign Language
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Client Reviews/Comments

18 reviews
Danielle Goselin
On May 11, 2013
Shan is an excellent personal trainer! She is helping to transform our family. Everyone in our family works with Shan, including the kids. Not only has she been helping my husband and I get in shape with some rigorous workouts but she has helped our daughter with some specific needs related to golf and has taught her to enjoy running. She is helping our son get prepared for a karate test which includes the "perfect" push-up and runs a weekly bootcamp for him and his friends. Shan has become part of our family. She really cares about the WHOLE person!
Mara Whitacre
On Mar 18, 2013
Shan is a fantastic personal trainer. She is knowledgeable, patient, and so very motivating. Shan makes sure that I am able to do the work out routine and she also makes the routines fun! She helps me set attainable goals and celebrates with me when those goals have been reached. Shan has not only help me become physically stronger, she has also helped my self confidence to grow stronger. I highly recommend Shan to anyone who is looking to become physically and spiritually stronger.
Carol Uhl
On Mar 14, 2013
Shan is an excellent trainer. I am an "older" client and have been seeing her for over a year. I hate to exercise, but I look forward to my training sessions with Shan. She works me hard, but keeps changing it up to keep me interested. She is always smiling and encouraging. I would recommend Shan to anyone looking for a personal trainer.
Karen Smolen
On Mar 13, 2013
Shan is amazing. Alway upbeat, sensitive to my ups and downs, works around my injuries and pains, but continues to push my limits when I'm feeling strong. Constantly researching and expanding her knowledge to find solutions for me. She really keeps me coming back -- even if I'm not losing weight (not for want of encouragement) -- I'm getting stronger and staying in motion with Shan's couragement, strength, and passion. Thank you Shan!
On Aug 19, 2012
Me getting to meet Ms.Shanrika Hardeman was Amazing. Her smile helped me get through the workout by me knowing I'll be okay. Nothing was ever super extreme were I would pass out. It was not in my comfort zone but it would be intense an I would make it through. She taught me things that I didn't know I could do. Also I learned new things every time I'd meet up with here. She is a wonderful and caring person . She also gave me alot of advise on both life and fitness. My life dreams, goals, and aspirations are coming true due to me training with her. I now I feel amazing as a person knowing I could lift my head high and say " I've gotten thinner". I've learn how to eat and think thin. Ms.Shanrika is a excellent person and trainer and anyone would be fortunate to have her as a trainer.
LaVonda Brown
On Mar 19, 2012
I see Shan has a lot of comments from her older and wiser clients; however, don't let that fool you! As a 23-year-old female who has been active since high school (basketball, track & field, 5K races), she has been the best trainer I've ever had, and I've been through quite a few! She is a very well-rounded trainer, in that she is able to adjust to your needs based on age, body type, fitness level, and sex. She is a great motivator and always pushes me to reach my goals even when I've lost sight of them. Also, as a grad student with a crazy schedule, Shan is very patient and flexible with me when arranging our sessions. Shan has even gone out of her way to give me a workout routine to do on my off days with her AND has given me a grocery list of good foods to eat that will supplement the workout in the gym.

On top of a beautiful personality, Shan has a fierce drive in reaching YOUR fitness goals. I highly recommend Shan to all!
Carol Aubin
On Feb 27, 2012
I've been working with Shan' for over a year. She's amazing.

I'm older than her grandmother (yes, of course she has a very young grandmother!), and deals with this 'little grey-haired old lady' with grace, humor, and ease.

Last year I had surgery on both both thumbs and she was ever mindful of my limitation; creating routines that allowed me to keep training.
Shan' works patiently while pushing me, and listens to my grunts and groans with a sinful smile!

She's extremely knowledgeable. She's terrific. The perfect trainer for me.
Carol Aubin

Barbara Fox
On Feb 02, 2012
Having a trainer DOES make all the difference for those of us who prefer to stay fit without doing anything. Shanrika pays attention to the creaks and groans and pushes only as hard as will be productive. She's a joyful, confident, positive guide through keeping this aging body in shape.

In addition, she works with my adolescent students on occasion and they love her! They want her to come back!!! How many adolescents clamor for another adult in their lives? She challenges their skills, and some of them are VERY skilled, and makes it fun to look silly in front of your peers.

Knowing the human physiology and potential at all ages is definitely a strength Shanrika possesses. Money well spent!!
On Feb 01, 2012
Shanrika takes time to design personal programs for each of her customers. And, she varies them from session to session so that you're working different muscle areas at different skill levels.

She listens to comments from her customers as well, and makes every effort to comply to those comments.

And, mostly, she is a super nice person, who believes in herself and the life she has chosen which is basically to help others in their quest for a healthier life.

I highly recommend her to anyone...young or old!
Kurt Gillon
On Jan 31, 2012
Shanrika is a great personal trainer. I am a personal trainer as well, Shanrika brings energy, enthusiasm, thirst, hunger, drive, etc. everyday to the gym. We collaborate on several fitness initiatives outside of the gym as well.

Shanrika is always looking to learn and make the time, money and personal investment into each of her clients. That is the key to a good trainer/coach and Shan exhibits all the above and more!!!

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