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Leominster, MA 01453

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I am very passionate about what I do. And I take being your personal trainer very seriously. My pledge to you is that I will help you achieve your fitness goals in a safe, professional, enjoyable and stress free manner!
Personal Trainer, ACE
Years Experience
5-6 years
ACE - Personal Trainer
International CPR Institute
International CPR Institiute
International CPR Institute
International CPR Institiute
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Gordon Fitness - Trainer/Instructor
107 Union Street, Leominster, MA 01453

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$50.00 / hr
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Cash, Credit Cards, Personal Checks
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ACE Nutrition and Weight Loss Management
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Client Reviews/Comments

20 reviews
Shawna Croteau
On Sep 03, 2014
My husband and I started training with Scott at the beginning of the year. It has been such a positive experience for both of us. Scott is truly a fitness professional. He is sincere, and honest, and talks straight. He listens to your goals, tailors workouts to you as an individual, and helps problem solve fitness challenges that you may have. He focuses on and teaches you good form during exercises, and he keeps you on your toes by changing up workouts. He is supportive as needed, inspirational as needed, and certainly tough when needed (!), and genuinely happy for you when you reach a goal! After reading the above reviews, I see that my husband and I are not the only ones who feel fortunate to have found such a wonderful personal trainer. Thank you Scott :)
On Aug 24, 2014
I have only been going to Scott for a few weeks but have seen a huge difference in my energy levels. I was so afraid to try again to lose weight but I know that with Scott's help. I can do it. I agree with one of the other comments that Scott is more of a life coach then just gym coach. You can tell when you spend time with him that he truly cares about his clients. I have told all my friends and family about him and would highly recommend him .
Julie S
On Dec 07, 2013
If you are looking for a personal trainer, I would highly recommend Scott. I work in the Boston area and have a large group of trainers to pick from but I wouldn't go to anyone else but Scott. You should know right off, I am not a gym fanatic and exercising is not at the top of my list of fun activities. :-) The one hour with Scott flies by. I rarely ever check to see how much time I have left, I leave the session with a lot of energy and ready to take on the day. I realize money is tight, I work extra so I can have these extras but it is so worth it. If you don't 100% invest in yourself, who will? Scott has the best personality and he is so supportive outside of the sessions. I know he's just a call or text away. I am in great physical health because of Scott and people have remarked on the positive changes they see in my body. Thank you Scott!!!
Kathryn B.
On Oct 29, 2013
As a person who needed to lose 100+ pounds, I was really nervous about working with a personal trainer. I shouldn't have been worried! I couldn't have asked for a more encouraging, empathetic trainer. Over the last year, Scott has helped me lose 85 pounds and become a friend as well as a trainer. He always keeps workouts interesting - no session is ever the same which I appreciate. He pushes you so you can achieve great results, but workouts are never so tough that you feel overwhelmed or discouraged. I've loved working with Scott and can't recommend him enough!
Austin Tero
On Oct 19, 2013

I have been training with Mr Gordon for almost 3 years now and it has been a wonderful experience his classes have given me confidence and I have seen a great improvement in my fitness and happiness as well as a significant weight loss I would recomend Mr Gordons personal training service for anyone looking to loose weight or to impove your fitness and overall health and happiness.
Katrina Murphy
On Jul 16, 2013
I have been working out with Scott for alittle over two months now and I can't say enough great things about him. He is an amazing trainer and he genuinely cares about his clients. In this short time I have lost 4% body fat, I went from occasionally walking to becoming a runner, my blood pressure has gone way down, and the list goes on and on. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a trainer! I can't thank him enough for everything he has helped me achieve!
Jason L.
On May 20, 2013
My wife and I have been with Scott for over 3 months and we have lost weight, body fat % , and our overall health and eating habits have improved also. Scott is not just a personal trainer, but I describe him as a life coach. He takes an interest not only in your fitness goals, but your overall full-well being also. He's a great motivator and has become a good friend. He goes above and beyond so that you can reach your fitness goals. He takes his time to explain everything you do and the reason for doing it. Every time we exercise with him it is a different routine and training mode and that is exactly what I was looking for in a personal trainer!
Jaqui P
On Feb 09, 2013
I concur with all the praises above. Scott is the first time I have used a personal trainer and he does the profession proud. I too sit at a computer all day long. I see Scott twice a week and very much enjoy the time I spend working out. He motivates without being belittling. The workouts are always innovative, never boring. But they are challenging! I also notice that Scott is very sensitive to his clients' ability - even day by day. If you come in looking worn out - he takes that into account and figures out if it is a good day to push or a good day stay steady. I have great confidence in his expertise. AND he is a nice guy!
jennie bachand
On Jan 21, 2013
I have been working out with Scott for a year I have reached my goals and some. with the motivation from myself and from Scott I have achieved everything I was looking for. 2 days a week And watching my calories , I weighed 179 pounds when I started and now a year later I am 135 with 18 percent body fat. I recommend Scott from Gordon fitness to anyone I talk to. thank you Scott for being the best trainer there is
On Dec 04, 2012
Comment by Lt Col JF Whitney
Scott is a Magician. Guard members must fulfill an annual Physical Tolerance Test by completing sit ups, push ups, and a 1.5 mile run. In just a few short months Scott brought me from 9 sit ups and 5 push ups to the maximum required of each (40). The run was a disaster but that was the result of an adenocarinoma stage 3b in my colon and the severe anemia it caused. I intend to return to Scott soon to regain my strength and prepare for the PT Test I failed due to the carcinoma.

Scott is also a true Gentleman, concerned about me as a person and not just as a client or profit center. Scott also gives that occasional kick in the butt if/when needed for a fitness or personal concern.

If you can find a more qualified and dedicated personal trainer give me his or her name....

On Jun 13, 2012
I was referred to Scott by my niece who started working out with scott to get in shape for her wedding. Well, she was doing so well and looking great so I wanted in! I was a little apprehensive to work one-on-one with someone. However, Scott made me feel very comfortable and never pushed me to the point of no return. He knows his stuff and does an amazing job at changing up your workouts to keep you guessing. My clothes fit better, I have mucsles I never new I had, and my energy level is amazing. I'm doing things now I never thought I could! So, if your sitting at home and are now ready to get yourself out there and take that first step then you should give him a call! He will assist you in all of your fitness goals!!
Thanks Scott for everything!!
Sandra Goguen-Young
On Mar 04, 2012
I've only been working with Scott for a short while but I love it. I've done the gym circuit training before but in only a few weeks I've seen so many more results with Scott. He keeps the sessions fun and is always changing up the workout to keep it interesting. He pushes me just the amount I need and always has an encouraging word.

I am very thankful he is a part of the "Joining Forces" program. My husband is in the military and is currently deployed, Scott made it possible for me to work out during this time. With my sessions with him I have seen an increase in my energy level and a decrease in my stress level.

Scott helped me accomplish my short term goal of looking the best I have in years for my husband's homecoming. I am confident he will assist me with my short term goal of going rock climbing with my husband and my long term goal of staying fit. I can never thank him enough for all his work with me.
Heather Beckner
On Mar 03, 2012
I started working out with Scott in mid-November. I made it through the holiday season & my birthday month (January) without gaining any weight. Not only that, I've lost an entire clothing size already!! I feel great!! Scott really customizes the workouts to the individual personality, capitalizing on strengths and working on weaknesses. I always walk into the Metallica Pandora station - which I requested and he always remembers.
Justine Sweeney
On Nov 23, 2011
I started working out with Scott in May...Scott showed me a lot of the last couple of months. I was having a hard time dropping the pounds. But Scott never gave up on me. He just kept pushing me and helping me see the positive side. I tried the gym memberships and using the equipment I had around the house but i wasnt successful. I need that extra push and thats what Scott gave me. I def recommend Scott if you are having a hard time shedding those extra pounds.

Stephanie Pinto
On Jul 20, 2011
My typical day is sitting at the computer designing publication for a community college. With no energy at the end of the day, I went home plopped down on the couch and would order either calzones or Chinese food. This was my lifestyle and I was become depressed, I could notice myself becoming unhappy and so could those around me. I needed a change, I had always said I would make a change though I would stick with it for 2 weeks max. Scott had e-mailed me with a life changing note...he opened his own studio in Leominster. From the moment I became a client, I knew this was for real. No short cuts, no wishing, no wondering....I was going to do what I needed to do. Almost 35lbs down in 4 months, we have been a great team and I am getting closer to my goal. Scott is an AMAZING trainer. Now, four months later, I have the stamina, endurance and confidence that I was without for many years. Thank you Scott for everything -- I have learned so much from you!

Stephanie Pinto
Rob Trotte
On May 21, 2011
I've been working out with Scott for over 6 months, he is a great trainer. Scott is great a figuring out what you want out of the workout, and never letting you get bored or frustrated, and dare I say he makes working out fun. He really knows his stuff, after 6 months he is still throwing in stuff I haven't heard of or seen before, and I think he knows the name of every muscle in the body.
Kristie Allain
On Mar 26, 2011
I first met Scott back in December when my fiance and I decided to join a gym in order to get in shape before our upcoming wedding. My goal was to lose 20 pounds before my dress fitting, and to find a positive outlet for my stress. It was suggested that I do a few sessions with a personal trainer to get myself started. I was more than a little apprehensive before meeting with Scott for the first time, but he quickly settle my nerves and made me believe that my goal was achievable. He is a fantastic personal trainer, and just a really great person all around. He has motivated me to challenge myself and reach for potential I didn't know I had. I can't thank him enough for all he has done for me. I have already surpassed my first goal and look forward to setting and reaching new goals with his help!
Suzanne Saltmarsh
On Jan 18, 2011
I've been working out with Scott for a couple of months now and really enjoy each session! He's a great motivator and always customizes my workouts for what I'm looking to accomplish. I have also tried the DVDs and working out on my own only to end up giving up. Scott is always telling me how far I've come and how great I'm doing which is very encouraging! I look forward to getting healthier, stronger and more confident. Thanks Scott!!
Tina Ciccone
On Dec 06, 2010
I have done the gyms and classes, purchased VHS, DVD's and fitness equipment hoping to "do it" on my own. The one thing I was missing was motivation. Scott gives you that motivation to achieve your goals. He makes each and every session fun, as well as an overall great workout. I have only had Scott as a Trainer for 6 weeks, but the results have far exceeded my expectations. If you are like most and need someone to motivate you, I highly recommend Scott Gordon.
Lisa Gordon
On Sep 12, 2010
Scott has been great. I have an office job and don't do a lot of working out. I needed to get in shape and also loose some weight that I have put on in the 20 years from high school. Scott put me on a good work out using my stair machine and circuit training using fitness equipment I had in my house already. It's been about two months and I've lost about 20 lbs so far, and I'm still loosing. I feel better than I have in years and I look forward to getting in even better shape. I have a bad right knee and he made sure he gave me exercises that I could use without injuring my knee. I would recommend Scott to anyone who wants to get in better shape and feel better. Thanks Scott!

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