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Throughout my formative years, I was overweight, even though I had always been very active and athletically inclined, playing sports across all four seasons. At some point, I became self-conscious of my weight and decided to do something about it. I began to research nutrition, made lifestyle choice... more less
Bachelor's Degree , University of Rhode Island
Master's Degree , Rhode Island College
Years Experience
5-6 years
ACE - Personal Trainer
Expired 8/31/2014
AFAA - Group Exercise Certification
Agency Unavailable
American Red Cross
American Red Cross
Red Cross CRP and AED course

Samantha's Locations

Sensei Fitness - Owner/Manager
1351 Hartford Ave, Johnston, RI 02919
www.SenseiFitness.com | 401-484-8821

Additional Information

$50.00 / hr
Buy sessions in packages and receive a discount!
Payment Methods
Cash, Credit Cards, Personal Checks
Awards & Accomplishments
3rd Place in Age Group for Triathlon Summer 2010
3rd Place in Age Group for Triathlon Summer 2011 (1)
3rd Place in Age Group for Triathlon Summer 2011 (2)
3rd Place in Age Group for Triathlon Summer 2011 (3)
3rd Place in Age Group for Triathlon Summer 2011 (4)
17th Place Overall for Triathlon Summer 2011
1st Degree Black Belt in Kuntao Jiu-Jitsu
1st Place in Age Group for Triathlon Summer 2012 (1)
Qualified for National Championship Olympic Distance Triathlon 2012
1st Place in Age Group for Triathlon Summer 2012 (2)
7th Female Overall for Triathlon Summer 2012
1st Place in Age Group for Triathlon Summer 2013
1st Place in Age Group for Triathlon Summer 2013
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Client Reviews/Comments

3 Reviews

5.0 out of 5 Stars

  • by Anita D on Apr 22, 2013

    Samantha motivates you while training so that you quickly see your body growing stronger, healthier and more resilient. She corrects your form using her winning smile so that you don't mind working harder. Whether you are punching, kicking or swimming you feel more energized, alert and vibrant during and after your workouts. In the end, if you've accomplished a new skill or improved on one, you feel better about yourself and you can see yourself attaining other personal goals easily.

  • by Sabrina Drury on Apr 05, 2013

    I have been training with Samantha since Jan ( three months) and have already seen a difference in my body, mood and energy level.

    She is patient and persistent ( even when I am not) and has a deep understanding of her client's psychology as well as their physiology. Both likeable and professional, she has never been late and mixes up the routine before I get a chance to get bored.

    Hiring Samantha as my trainer is one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. I would recommend her highly and with great enthusiasm to anyone who is invested in losing weight and getting fit.

  • by kevin sees on Aug 12, 2012

    when I first went to samanthas place I had no idea what to expect.being a way out of shape 42 year old man all I knew was I needed some help to change my habits and to loose some wt I had accumulated from being sedimentary for years.
    I arrived and was met bye a very polite,positive and non judgemental person who instantly made me comfortable
    being there.
    she did a full measurement,wt and fitness evaluation,
    we spoke about goals,and setup a two to three day a week training program.
    samantha's training was a mixture of cardio,strength,alot of core training,and even some boxing/martial arts to keep it interesting.our sessions where always 1-1 no people watching no phone calls 100% commitment to the session.
    every day of training was something different and challenging.after a few weeks she will have you gasping for breath for 50 minutes and enjoying every second of it.
    At the end of 6 weeks with samantha I had dropped some 25 pounds and and had a shape I hadent seen in 20 years.
    her supportive attitude
    her skill
    and commitment to your health
    you won't find a better trainer anywhere.