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Hi there. I have been working as an ACE certified personal trainer since 2003 and I am an IFBB Professional in mens physique. I have worked with dozens upon dozens of different populations of people through the years and have a lot of references if needed. On top of my training business I managed a ... more less

Roger's Locations

Prime Time Fitness - Trainer/Instructor
11780 Belleville Rd, Belleville, Rd , MI 48111
One On One Athletic Club - Trainer/Instructor
2875 Boardwalk Ave Ann Arbor, MI 48104, Ann Arbor, MI 48104-6715
http://1on1club.com/ | 313.718.9387
Roger's Garage - Owner/Manager
Eureka - Middlebelt Road , Romulus, MI 48174
rogerbowman.com | 313.718.9387

Additional Information

$80.00 / hr
rates can range from $59-$95/session/person depending on package, location, # of people, etc.
Payment Methods
Cash, Personal Checks, Cashier's Check
Awards & Accomplishments
I Won short, masters, and overall at a few NPC shows and went on to win my IFBB Pro card at nationals in July 2013.
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Client Reviews/Comments

16 reviews
Heather L
On Apr 17, 2015
I trained with Roger for only 6 weeks, 2x per week in preparation for a vacation but I learned so much from our time together. He was a great resource, not only for strength training but also for proper nutrition. He's very knowledgeable, and has a complete understanding how the body works and how different types of foods affect it. During EVERY session I learned something new, and now I can carry those lessons with me when I go to the gym and/or diet on my own.

I use to be an active exerciser but fell off the wagon for a year, losing a lot of my definition and strength. In our time together, Roger really helped bring me back to feeling strong again, and being more toned. I could especially see and feel a difference with my arms and lower body. It felt great to be back at heavy weights again and Roger really helped push me to my limit! That's exactly what you need to progress and not plateau. He was patient if I wasn’t performing an exercise right, always corrected my form (that’s a good thing!), and encouraged me when I performed well. I definitely saw my body change from training with Roger.

Diet wise, I love food and have never controlled or limited my food intake. I also have no idea what is truly "healthy" or what nutrition is needed to help transform my body. Working with Roger was a tremendous step forward in eating right. He would recommend specific brands, show me how to pack/portion my foods, and even outlined an eating plan for me to accelerate my goals. He even provided supplement samples which is great cause I hate committing to large purchases before testing the product first. Roger was very accessible outside of our sessions and would respond to any questions I had about diet or exercise.

Ultimately our time together was short but beneficial. If I hadn't moved so far away, Roger would be my go-to trainer!
Robert Dimech
On Dec 04, 2014
I’ve been training with Roger for the past 3 months. I feel that he has been extremely supportive of my fitness goals. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in making improvements in how they look and feel. Your overall fitness will definitely improve when you work with him.

Roger is an extremely supportive, patient, and professional individual. His knowledge and enthusiasm is unmistakable during every training session. His constant mentoring has helped me to improve my form especially when dealing with free weights. This is something I had previously struggled with. Through his teaching and encouragement, I feel much more confident when training on my own. That, to me, is priceless. In addition, Roger is extraordinarily knowledgeable about proper nutrition and supplementation. He has helped me tremendously to get my diet on track and has helped me learn a lot about how the food I eat affects my body.

I can honestly say that I look forward to every training session. I plan to continue working with Roger to reach my health and fitness goals. He is truly an outstanding trainer. Thanks Roger!
Rev. Greg Zurakowski
On Nov 17, 2014
I've been working with Roger for just about a year now, and if you had told me that a guy in his mid-50's with a largely sedentary job (I'm a Presbyterian pastor) could achieve the level of strength, endurance and overall fitness that I now enjoy, I would have laughed out loud! Thanks to Roger's dedication, patience, and at times toughness, I'm in better shape than I've ever been (including my years in the military). Roger's expertise goes beyond training; he's also extremely well-versed in nutrition and vitamin supplements, and perhaps most important he's not just a talented gym guy - he truly cares about the total person he's working with, regularly checking in between training sessions with tips and encouragement. If youi're in the market for a personal trainer, you can't do any better than to get in touch with Roger Bowman!

Rev. Greg Zurakowski
Belleville, MI
Chad Spotts
On Sep 15, 2014
I had the good fortune of being referred to Roger a little over 90 days ago. I was at weird spot in my life, two young children, crazy busy work schedule, along with messed up priorities and the beer belly quickly growing out of control. With my schedule, I was looking for a trainer who would work remotely with me. WOW, I didn’t know what I was in for! I have to say hands-down Roger is beyond outstanding. Right off the bat, Roger suggested we have a weekly call to make sure we were getting dialed in the correct way, things were working as planned, and to answer all the questions I had, and I mean all. Roger has taken virtual training to a new level. He has made me feel as though we have been friends for years and has answered my questions very quickly, and again, I have had a lot of questions. Roger's knowledge on nutrition, training, and supplements is top notch. Over the course of the last 90 days, I have gone through a transformation I never thought possible. I feel like I am in my 20s again and look even better. With Roger's help and attention to detail, I know the goals that I have reset since working with him are going to be exceeded. If you're looking for a trainer to work virtually with you and help you along the way, Roger is your guy.
starr natale
On Sep 03, 2014
I first met Roger a year or so ago when I went to one of my 11yr old sons workouts. My son who has been wrestling since the age of 4 was in need of gaining some strength. At first I was a little apprehensive about having him work with a trainer. After seeing how methodical Roger was and is about proper form and safety it was one of the best decisions we made for him. His gains have been excellent. Learning about Roger competing in the past, it sparked my interest and I am currently training with him with the goal of competing in the near future. For me personally, I really love his passion and great knowledge of what he does. As I am on my way to become a trainer myself, I will be using Rogers training style with my own clients. So if you have thought of getting a trainer for yourself or your son/daughter, I would say Roger is an awesome choice!
Pavel Vasilev
On Jul 04, 2014
Whoever is looking for a knowledgable assistance in reaching his/her well being objectives Roger is the person to have as your trainer. On the first day I met to talk and work out with him I knew I made the right choice. He has been very helpful during my training sessions and changing my diet in order for me to achieve my personal fitness goals.
I like the fact that he himself is in a great shape which is very motivating and makes me work even harder, both physically and diet-wise. I also like the fact that he is always very professional and on time. Just give him a call and let him know what your goals are like I did. I absolutely know he will give you the best advise and encouragement you need!!
Pavel V.
Mia Chu
On Apr 02, 2014
I found it very challenging to lose the 85 lbs gained from my first pregnancy. I decided it was time to look into hiring my very first personal trainer. After doing research I was a little leery as I realized this service was going to take a chunk out of my all ready tight budget. From my initial consultation I could see and feel Rogers love and dedication to his career. His positive energy and wealth of cutting edge knowledge radiated from his being. It was at that time I decided to take my goal as serious as he did. Since my self described “good” eating sounded like sugar, sugar and more sugar to Roger our second consultation was a trip to the grocery store. Again I was impressed with every intricate detail and explanation of how, why, what and when. I had no idea that hiring Roger included meal plans, pictures of meals, encouraging messages, accountability and follow up. All these things are as equally important as the work outs itself. When it came to the actual work outs (which was the hard part for me), I felt as if he understood exactly what type of condition I was in and tailored each session to help me progress. Today I am half way to meeting my goal. This achievement was obtained together as a team in a short 6 months time frame, which proved to be way more effective than all attempts on my own. What I learned from this experience is that Roger is the real deal and worth every penny, more actually for all the extras you receive. If you are looking to hire a top notch quality trainer that actually cares about your success as much as you do, he is the one to contact. ~ Roger Thank you, words can not express my gratitude.
Mike McLelland
On Mar 12, 2014
Roger is who I would call a thinking man’s trainer. I contacted Roger specifically because I had certain needs that had to be met. A trainer had to have ‘walked the walk’ and he has. He had to have an impressive depth and breadth of knowledge of both nutrition and exercise. I was lacking the knowledge of using diet to maximize my work in the gym. I also needed an assessment of my exercise regimen and my lifting technique.
Roger provided all that for me. He was adept at asking me questions to draw out my objectives and obstacles, then working with me to reverse them. We talked quite a bit during our time and he explained some of the key nutritional concepts I needed in order to put my own diet plan into place.
He was/is great about answering texts and acting as a mentor, not only to me but I think all of his current and past clients. He gives pretty freely of his time and that was a pleasant surprise, and comforting to know I could send a quick text to ask a question and he would/still does get back to me.
I highly recommend Roger to anyone who wants to go beyond the ‘weightlifting assistant’ and access a true professional who will help you change your life.
Amy Bank
On Mar 05, 2014
When I first started working with Roger I had very little experience with weight training and I could not understand why I was always hungry, tired and feeling weak. I hoped a trainer could give me some perspective and exercises to jump start my fitness and help make me stronger. I was anticipating some basic work outs and a little rah-rah-rah to keep me going. What I have experienced with Roger has helped me more than I imagined.

Most important for me, Roger worked with me to analyze my eating habits and quickly diagnosed my sugar addiction. He provided me with information about why sugar was causing my lethargy and gave me information about incorporating protein and carbs at the right times throughout my day to increase energy and recovery. He also shared great recipes that were easy to make and incorporate into daily planning. His encouragement has empowered me to plan the meals I am going to eat each day and cook food ahead of time, instead of eating out. I actually look forward to preparing my foods each week and feel that I have a lot more energy.

When it came to actual training Roger has been a great coach at helping me learn the basics and evolve my training. He was very patient when I struggled with certain exercises and taught me how to properly use standard gym equipment and weights (which wasn’t an easy task!). He has taught me the importance of form and how to do exercises correctly. I never thought I would ever in my life do a dead lift but with Roger’s guidance I’ve learned how to do them and they are my favorite weight training exercise! Also, I’ve learned to love interval running, based on Roger’s recommendation, and have increased my running speed over the last few weeks – another thing I’ve struggled with in the past.

Roger offers a lot of encouragement and support. He pushes me to keep my nutrition on track and train throughout the week. Many thanks and much appreciation to Roger! I would recommend him to anyone that needs help improving their nutrition and getting into shape.

Amy B.
Ann Arbor
Marc Wilkinson
On Oct 30, 2013
I was referred to Roger Bowman by a close friend. I had no intention of ever using a personal trainer. In fact, articles I have read in the past contained countless stories about injuries due to trainers pushing clients too far.
Roger changed my paradigm about trainers. Roger was nothing that I expected and everything that I would recommend to my closest friends and family. He is a full circle solution for people that need direction attaining any level of fitness goal. He knows countless fun exercises and teaches proper form. He even knows different methods of exercises if you have an old injury to work around. Roger also incorporates the knowledge of nutrition in proper sequence and portions into his planning. If you are interested in taking things a step further he has a vast knowledge of supplements as well.
I will and have recommend Roger to family members and friends without hesitation.

Marc Wilkinson

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