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I am a Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, SAQ Specialist and President and chief trainer of Inside Out Fitness. I train in gyms and in-home training. I train athletes as well. I guarantee that this is the best training in the Columbia River Gorge. Inside Out Fitness has "THE" largest selection of... more less

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Pikes Peak Marathoner
Completed 98 marathons
bodybuilding competition
Powerlifting competition
Arm wresting competition
Ran 5000 miles for my 50th birthday
Running the "Canadian Death Race" 2015 for 51st birthday!
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Dave Brown
On Apr 08, 2012

Rick Dant of InsideOut Fitness is a fantastic Personal Trainer, a dedicated and personable professional with over 30 years of experience. He helps others become the individuals they were meant to and NEED to be! I have been training with Rick for about 8 months now, and I have made so much progress in so many areas (weight loss, endurance, general health and wellness, toning, muscle mass, etc) I could go on forever.

Rick is "The Trainer" of the Columbia Gorge area of Washington and Oregon for a reason. He loves what he does, he "Walks the Walk" and he's just really good at it!
Take advantage of the rare opportunity to rely on a trainer who is not only an RN, but has certifications and training in multiple disciplines.

InsideOutFitness has helped me reclaim my life! That is a fact! Look at Rick's comprehensive Website, Youtube Channel and Facebook page. The results of him helping others get fit is shown in healthier bodies and smiling faces!

Do yourself and your loved ones a favor; call or e-mail Rick, and sit down with him for a free, "no hassles" (really!) 1 hour consultation.
If you can do your part, Rick will invariably do his part!

It doesn't need to be New Year's Day to really commit to a better and healthier path. Become lighter, healthier, stronger, happier and more fully engaged with living life, not just putting up with it or dreading the next day. Rick will introduce you to so many ways of exercising and so much varied equipment that you will never get bored!

Guys, if you could get fit and maintain it on your own you would have already done it. That's the bottom line. I don't mean to sound harsh but there is no miracle in a bottle, or book of hidden wisdom that will enable you to not put in the effort. Make your health, fitness and happiness a priority so that you have the energy, skills and outlook to help others!

Sit down with Rick at The Trainer's Table and do what it takes to become a part of Rick's Dream Team.

You won't regret it.


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