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What are your top five favorite body weight exercises?

20 Answers | Asked by Harris Sophocleous on Feb 03, 2013

Answered by Raymond Sheehan on Feb 05, 2013

These are a few of my favorite body weight exercises; pull-ups, hanging leg raises, plyo pushups, dips, ab roller.

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would you suggest Muscle confusion for a 65 year old who has not worked out in years, as a start?

12 Answers | Asked by Frank Crawford on Jan 12, 2013

Answered by Raymond Sheehan on Jan 12, 2013

For any beginner, regardless of age, I would not recommend a Muscle confusion program. I would start out with a simple cardio workout such as walking, biking or light jogging. As for muscle development or toning, repetitive resistance training is still the best way to maintain or increase muscle mas...

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