Ray O'Kelly

Kansas City, MO 64114

Please call 816-550-2932, rather than email.

Ray O’Kelly brings more than 8 years of experience to help clients understand why it is important to live a healthy lifestyle. His certifications include National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) in Personal Training, Corrective Exercise, Senior Specialist, and Weight Loss Specialists; World Instructor Training Schools (W.I.T.S.), and FiTour Training (cycling, nutrition, yoga).

Ray also has extensive knowledge in bodybuilding. He has competed in several bodybuildling competitions and qualified for national bodybuilding competitions in 2013. Ray’s personal training service is as unique as your lifestyle: “It’s not about what you do, it’s how you do.” He believes in building on the progress of his clients, not pushing them to an unknown limit of capabilities. He has worked with male and female clients of all fitness levels as well as all age levels. He is very passionate about helping each of his clients and builds a daily relationship with them to keep them motivated.
Please call rather than email, 816-550-2932

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  • PT, Florida, Thomas Edison State College

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Certifications / Trainings

NASM - Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
NASM - Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)
NASM - Weight Loss Specialist (WLS)
FiTOUR® - FiTOUR® Indoor Cycling Certification
Pending Verification
FiTOUR® - FiTOUR® Primary Nutrition Certification
Not Verified
FiTOUR® - FiTOUR® Primary Yoga Certification
Not Verified
NASM - Senior Fitness Specialist (SFS)
Not Verified
W.I.T.S. - Personal Trainer Certification - Blended / Hybrid
Not Verified

CPR Certified

American Red Cross

AED Certified

Ray's Locations

posture perfect training

Within 25.00 miles of 64114 (Mobile Training Radius)

Fitness Quest

2313 W 143rd
overland park, KS 66224

300 B.C. Waldo

114 west Gregory Blvd
Kansas City, MO 64114

Additional Information


$50.00 / hr, Price, Varies with # of sessions purchased. NOTE: If you train with me at the Athletic Club, No day pass or membership needed.

Payment Methods

Cash, Cashier's Check, Credit Cards, Personal Checks

Awards & Accomplishments

  • Bodybuilding
  • Fitness Model
  • Bodybuilding Champion

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14 Reviews

5.0 out of 5 Stars

  • by brad hodges on Aug 17, 2015

    Ray is a marvelous trainer. I've been training with Ray about 6 months now and my improvement has been great. I'm 59 years old and was overweight and in lousy shape when I started with Ray. I've made substantial gains in weight loss, improved flexibility and strength, and I sleep much better as well! I feel much better about how I look and feel. He's tough, demanding, and encouraging. He really makes you want to work hard and succeed and he celebrates your success. Ray doesn't take a cookie-cutter approach. He spends time evaluating you, asking you what you hope to accomplish, and devising a customized program that helps you achieve your goals. I can't recommend Ray highly enough; he's a terrific trainer and a good guy. Choose Ray as your personal trainer--you won't be sorry you did!

  • by kristy lee on Dec 07, 2014

    I found Ray on this website when I finally got desperate enough to start shopping for a trainer, I was unimpressed when I talked to several other trainers. Ray was the only one who wanted to meet me first and talk about my goals! I could tell from the very beginning that my progress was important to him, he really cares and not just while we are at the gym. He checks in with me on my non gym days to make sure I am sticking to the diet plan and that I am staying active.
    So far it has only been a month but I am already seeing some big changes. I have 50 pounds to lose and at 46 years old it had previously been impossible for me to lose weight or put on any muscle tone even though I was working out 4x a week for 2 hours at a time using machines, in fact I actually got fatter!
    Ray's methods and workout philosophy are amazing and I find I enjoy the exercises, even if they aren't "easy", my mind is active while we do them and I find that hour passes very quickly. He pushes me without being a drill sergeant and he is very aware if an exercise is possibly something that might aggravate my lower back. Ray is NEVER preoccupied by anything else or anyone else in the gym. YOU are his focus for that hour and nothing else.
    I am taking progress pictures at 4 week intervals and will post them after my next 4 weeks. I am pretty excited to compare them.
    This guy is amazing and I wish I had found him sooner! I know with his help and guidance I WILL reach my goals.

    Response by Ray O'Kelly on Dec 07, 2014

    Kristy, you are a hard worker. See you soon!

  • by Kat R. on Feb 28, 2014

    I am a mother of two youngsters,(3 and 1), in my 30's and was in a peculiar, yet common predicament...I didn't realize my butt had gotten to a size 8/10 and I had a similar body habitus to my adorably chubby toddler! Cute as heck on a little kiddo, not so much on a grown woman. :) I guess you could say I had stopped minding what was going on with my body. I could fondly remember the days when I had a really nice body without doing anything, but I was just skinny fat, which is even worse if you ask me. So, once I got sick enough of feeling like I was in a place where I was either going to get really big or DO something, I decided to ask Ray to train me. I knew he was good because I saw the progress his clients made and the next obstacle for me was paying for a service. Let me say, this has been without a doubt, money well spent! I have changed so much, my weight is down to 130 from 158 and I am 5'5 with small bones, so the difference is huge! I have muscle definition everywhere without looking bulky, which many of us gals worry about. My waist is back!!! Holy cow, where have you been? Good to see you again! I feel like this next point is one of the most important. When you look better, you feel better. Many of us forget to take care of ourselves, and when you realize that you need new pants because the old ones just fall down, you're gonna be stoked. When you realize that you are improving your health and it's making you look good, it's going to make you smile so big! Lastly, I must say that having worked with a trainer before who mostly put me on machines and didn't have great knowledge of form, it is amazing to work with someone who has so much knowledge and provides variety. It is really fun to go train with Ray and he is completely exemplary of the word professionalism. Just remember to take your before photos or "selfies" because you will want them to compare with the changes you will make.

  • by Kim Aaron on Feb 26, 2014

    I'm a little over 50 Female . I've been
    Training with Ray a little over a year .
    I don't think I could had found a better
    Trainer , he keeps it interesting , as he calls it
    Shocking the body ! I would have never thought
    I could look this good and feel good about what
    I have accomplished ! Thanks Ray !
    I would highly recommend him as the trainer for
    anyone at any age !

  • by Amelia O. on Nov 14, 2013

    Wow, there are so many wonderful things I have to say about this man! First of all, Hello!! My name is Amelia :-) I approached Ray in early 2013 at Gold's in Fort Myers so I could further my knowledge of exercises & also gain more muscle and strength. I had already lost 20 pounds on my own, so when I started training with Ray I weighed in around 115 pounds. I thought I was stronger than I really was, because I had been a ballerina for 12 years. But Ray definitely proved me wrong! After performing multiple posture and endurance tests, he knew exactly what my needs were to reach my goals. He put together a very fun, interesting, and motivating training program for me. I very quickly felt stronger and saw a huge difference in my body (especially my stomach.. which I dreaded at the time) in about only a month. Ray helped my balance and my posture immensely.. To add to that, I've gained 10 pounds of muscle since January 2013! As far as my cardio goes, I remember not being able to handle the StairMaster for more than 10 minutes.. now I'm teaching 1 hour spin classes twice a week! I have never felt more confident and happy with myself as I am now, and I can thank him a great deal for that. I am so glad I decided to hire Ray as my trainer.

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