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How to fit with diabetics?

2 Answers | Asked by Manik Hossain on Oct 13, 2018

Answered by Paul Daniels on Oct 14, 2018

My first question is whether the diabetes is Type I or II. Type II is generally an insulin resistance issue which can be helped with exercise. If it is Type II and they are overweight, then a regimen focused on weight loss is helpful. This is due to the link between obesity and insulin resistanc...

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When a client pays for personal training, should you give an expiration date for the sessions? How long would you give?

2 Answers | Asked by joan thompson on Oct 14, 2018

Answered by Paul Daniels on Oct 14, 2018

I don't have an expiration date, but 6 months to a year is not unreasonable. I even allow my clients to gift their remaining sessions to others if they feel they aren't going to use them. I've gained new clients from that.

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boutique studios

3 Answers | Asked by Ruth Schrader-Grace on Sep 12, 2018

Answered by Paul Daniels on Sep 12, 2018

Typically, when you run semi-private classes the class is listed at a specific price, not a per person rate. It helps avoid the type of situation that I believe you're describing. If only 1 or even 2 people show up, but 4 are signed up you can either cancel class or charge the people who signed up b...

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How or Where do I find quality Group Fitness instructors to hire

3 Answers | Asked by Christina Cotsiopoulos on Sep 02, 2018

Answered by Paul Daniels on Sep 03, 2018

Here are a few options. If you have a college near you tap into some of the instructors that currently teach classes. Students that have taken the class several times can also be a good resource. Maybe you have a few regular clients at your gym that might want to teach. Ask them to sub and if th...

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How do you structure trainer and group instructor pay at your facility?

2 Answers | Asked by Nicole Barr on Aug 16, 2018

Answered by Paul Daniels on Aug 18, 2018

I base my pay on educational level and how valuable the trainer is to my business (i.e. does that trainer bring in revenue because they are so good at what they do?). 50/50 split isn't uncommon in this business, but if someone is more valuable to your company they should be compensated. I start a...

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I have a 32 Yr. Old female who has been diagnosed with bicuspid aortic valve disease with mild regurgitation.

3 Answers | Asked by Laura Partridge on Jun 20, 2018

Answered by Paul Daniels on Jun 22, 2018

Typically mitral valve prolapse comes with no restrictions. But in this case, especially with an aortic aneurysm, she's much higher risk. I would follow the doctors recommendation. They will likely give you a specific METs value to follow. I recommend contacting her cardiologist/vascular specialist ...

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Is it legal if dietcian-nutrition suggest sexual health tips or guide to men and women to improve personal relationship

4 Answers | Asked by Jose Bell on Jun 05, 2018

Answered by Paul Daniels on Jun 07, 2018

Each state has laws that determine scope of practice. The state I reside in allows for nutritional counseling by non-licensed persons. But you would need to check your state's laws.

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Why do dancers' bodies seem to adapt positively to working the same muscles daily, despite this not being recommended

5 Answers | Asked by Kate Cherichello on May 25, 2018

Answered by Paul Daniels on May 25, 2018

That's the rule of thumb, especially for resistance training. But it is more dependent upon intensity. For any sport or activity. That's why most periodized programs account for hard, medium and light intensity days. Intensity can be varied in many ways including load, volume, rest period, etc. But ...

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l have 16yr old female who is a competitive irish dancer, she needs to do jump training, what plyometric exercises would she use

2 Answers | Asked by Charles Malota on May 23, 2018

Answered by Paul Daniels on May 24, 2018

First she would need to have a very solid strength base. The type of base established through periodized strength training, not dance training. This strength base will diminish the chance of injury which increases with plyometric training, especially if there is no solid base. After this base is...

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I need a resource for unbiased, research based info regarding Keto diet. Pros and cons of short and long term.

5 Answers | Asked by Lauren Breon on May 17, 2018

Answered by Paul Daniels on May 18, 2018

Ketogenic diets have become popular in the last decade. The reason is that they work. But how do they work? Let’s begin with the six-carbon sugar glucose. Glucose is the primary fuel for all the cells of the body and the only fuel that the brain uses under normal circumstances. It’s fa...

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