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For a 4,000 sq ft. gym space, how many cardio equipment is ideal?

1 Answer | Asked by Danny Oh on Apr 17, 2018

Answered by Paul Daniels on Apr 18, 2018

I own a gym. It's not so much based on the square footage of your space as it is on how many members you have and what type of a gym it is. My gym is strictly private. I only have three cardio pieces. Other gyms I've been involved with had 3500 members and we had roughly 22 pieces of cardio. Kno...

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need a weight resistance program for a 70 yr

4 Answers | Asked by Ronald Coxen on Apr 14, 2018

Answered by Paul Daniels on Apr 16, 2018

Hi I specialize in working with seniors and Special Populations. Barring other medical conditions such as musculoskeletal issues, it sounds like you're clear to proceed. The recommendations for seniors isn't that much different than for anyone else. Start light. Let the number of repetitions you...

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What is the best position for an incline chest press

3 Answers | Asked by Arlene Cherry-Medicoff on Apr 11, 2018

Answered by Paul Daniels on Apr 13, 2018

Typically the incline bench can have variable positions between 30 and 45 degrees. As the angle increases the more activation of the upper pectoralis major with assistance from anterior deltoid and triceps brachii. The NCSA recommends a 90 degree flexion at the elbow when performing bench press. How...

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what is the best exercise to improve personal sexual health at age 40years ?

7 Answers | Asked by Jose Bell on Mar 20, 2018

Answered by Paul Daniels on Mar 22, 2018

Sexual health is partially, but strongly, tied to hormonal changes. But some medications and medical conditions can also be a factor. Both men and women experience declines in sex hormones in their 40s, but men see the sharpest declines. Studies have shown that heavy weight lifting of the larger mus...

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If I am unable to attend IDEA World, is there a way to either have my registration refunded or transfer it to someone else?

1 Answer | Asked by mg mccullough on Feb 24, 2018

Answered by Paul Daniels on Feb 24, 2018

COntact IDEA and they should give you a refund (858) 652-4287

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Need advices for PT and certifications related to fitness

3 Answers | Asked by rishy oner on Feb 14, 2018

Answered by Paul Daniels on Feb 15, 2018

If you're interest is in strength and conditioning as well as sports performance training I would recommend NSCA. They are recognized world wide and you have to have a good understanding of the relevant sciences as well as fitness principles. They offer a variety of sport specific education, inc...

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Does anyone have research or information on the myths of waist trainers ?

2 Answers | Asked by Teresa Kelts on Feb 07, 2018

Answered by Paul Daniels on Feb 08, 2018

I suggest using Google Scholar and use the search term "spot reduction" or something similar.

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4:1 ratio or 3:1 ratio of carbs-to-protein for recovery drink?

2 Answers | Asked by Ryan Ward on Jan 06, 2018

Answered by Paul Daniels on Jan 09, 2018

My question would be, "What are you trying to achieve with your recovery drink?" and "Have you gone to exhaustion with either exercise?". When ingesting sugars for glycogen repletion the first thing to occur is repletion of liver glycogen. Then muscle and other organs, such as the kidneys. It's ...

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Insurance question-liability

2 Answers | Asked by Diane McKallip on Dec 30, 2017

Answered by Paul Daniels on Dec 31, 2017

Try K&K insurance. You may also want to ask your home owner's insurance carrier.

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Do you have a sample of a Physical Readiness Questionaire for older adults

3 Answers | Asked by Michele Goodman on Dec 28, 2017

Answered by Paul Daniels on Dec 31, 2017

PAR-Q, which was developed by the Canadians, is all encompassing for all demographics. It is used to supplement a health history questionnaire which is better suited for Special Populations, which the elderly would fall into.

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