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With 15 years of fitness and wellness experience, I am able to help a wide demographic of individuals. Areas of programming expertise include pre and post-rehab, active isolated stretching, general and sports conditioning, as well as special populations dealing with medical concerns . As an acc... more less
1st Degree, Competitive Edge Karate
Years Experience
16-20 years
ACE - Advanced Health + Fitness Specialist
ACE - Personal Trainer
TRX - TRX Suspension Training Course
Tabata Bootcamp - Tabata Bootcamp Training
Agency Unavailable
USA Triathlon - Level I Coaching Certification
Agency Unavailable
American Red Cross
American Red Cross
Hoffman Insurance

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$80.00 / hr
Payment Methods
Cash, Personal Checks
Awards & Accomplishments
Boston Marathon 2010
Accomplished Ironman Triathlete
NC Coast Magazine Featured Athlete 2010
2011 US Triathlon Nationals Championship
2013 US Triathlon Nationals Championship
Languages Spoken
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Client Reviews/Comments

18 reviews
Laurie Graham
On May 12, 2014
I began working with Patti just over a year ago. My husband and I became addicted to triathlon and after a couple of years, I wanted someone to work with me to help me improve. Patti asked my goals and then began helping me to achieve them. I love having a planned workout for each day and Patti provides one. She considers not only my capabilities but also considers my work schedule as well as any other factor that can affect a training plan. She has taught me better nutrition in my daily life as well as nutrition I need to get through a race. I love that she gives me straight answers to my many questions and provides positive feedback at all times. I have become so much stronger working with Patti and have realized the fitness goals I was hoping to achieve. I know that if I follow the plan Patti gives me I will be ready on race day.
Priscilla W
On May 10, 2014
I had the good fortune to begin working with Patti three years ago, seasonally. I am a 68-year-old woman, generally strong but with chronic back and joint issues. For me, Patti's greatest asset is her acute observation of body mechanics. I've learned to listen to my body and pay more attention to the proper execution of exercises, and to posture. Patti doesn't go too easy on me, and a "good job" from her is high praise - and very rewarding. I hope to work with her every winter, if possible.
Laurie Deane
On May 10, 2014
I have been working with Patti for 7 months to help recop from a broken foot and torn ligiments. My goal was to get back on the tennis court ! All of my sessions were planned with my recovery in mind, healing of my injuries and continuing to build my streangth. There were times I was down and Patti's sessons helped give me hope that we were on the right path to getting better and stronger. 8 months after a nightmare of healing and setbacks, with Pattis help I am back on the tennis court , stronger than ever. Thank you Patti, for your special attention, your keen knowledge of what I was facing, and your complete professionalism.
Laurie Deane
Fran Campbell
On May 09, 2014
I have been working with Patti for over 4 years. What I like about working with her is that she strives to educate as well as improve overall fitness. Patti keeps our workouts challenging, interesting and always fun. She is adept at tailoring our workouts to focus on the latest sport I am trying and has really helped increase my range of motion in a painful hip. She is tough, inspiring and truly cares for her clients. I consider myself very fortunate to be one of her clients as well as a friend.
Patti's Response on May 09, 2014:
Thanks Fran! Working with you via SKYPE or in person makes my job so enjoyable and full of a few laughs. Your constant focus to strive is inspirational.
Chuck Pue
On May 09, 2014
Patty is the most observant and insightful trainer I have ever worked with. She has a keen eye for making minor adjustments in technique that significantly improve body mechanics, results and exercise tolerance. She is outstanding at working around injuries. In addition, she is a great motivator and fun to work with.
Patti's Response on May 09, 2014:
Chuck, juggling your hours with work makes fitness a challenge. I am glad you chose me to help you. Keep making time for yourself!
Kelley Hannan
On May 09, 2014
Patti came highly recommended by many people. I was searching for a "trainer" that could deal with all my orthopedic injuries. She was able to help create a workout plan suited to my needs. She is inspiring and motivational. She incorporates all aspects of health to your overall plan. When you are with her, she is focused on YOU!
Patti's Response on May 09, 2014:
That's right Kelley - YOU! We found a bigger picture other than fitness and I am thrilled to be a part of your journey. Thanks so much
Ruth Hill Yeilding
On Mar 09, 2012
I would recommend Patti to anyone! She is extremely adept at organizing the right training program to meet your personal needs. She is inspiring and fun to work with as well as very accommodating with scheduling needs. Patti keeps the routines constantly changing to keep you interested and work different muscle groups. She is also a great person.

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