Patricia Tibbits

Irvine, CA 92620

About Me

Hi there! I am passionate about fitness, particularly about training with Kettlebells because of their effectiveness. For busy people like me, they have proven to provide twice the results in half the time! My training/experience includes: Level 1 and 2 kettlebell courses through Internat... more less
Years Experience
3-4 years
USAKL - USAKL Kettlebell Lifting Instructor Level 1
Amerian Heart Association
American Heart Association
Lockton Companies/Allied Health

Patricia's Locations

Kettlebell Patricia - Trainer/Instructor
Within 5 miles of 92620 (Mobile Training Radius)

Additional Information

$10.00 / hr
$10 Group Rate / $30 Personal Rate
Payment Methods
Cash, Personal Checks, Cashier's Check
Awards & Accomplishments
Certified Kettlebell Instructor-USAKL
Languages Spoken
English, Spanish
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Client Reviews/Comments

5 reviews
Diane Christensen
On Dec 19, 2013
Patricia is "user-friendly". Her classes accommodate people of all fitness levels. Kettlebell workouts are the BEST use of time and energy for maximum results. Patricia makes it fun and she cares about her "flock".
Patricia's Response on Jan 05, 2014:
Diane, you are such a pleasure to train! Your enthusiasm and dedication are admirable. You push yourself beyond your limits and bring such positive vibes to our class. Love working out with you!
Sally Goodall
On Mar 03, 2013
Patricia is an incredible coach and instructor. She meets you where you are at and encourages you to become better. Her group sessions still give room for individual motivation, as she is attentive with all her students. Even when obsticles overtake commitments, she is there to motivate, encourage and coach you on to your fitness goals.
If weight loss, strength, toning and endurance sucess through your fitness routine is your goal... Kettlebells is definately the activity and Patricia's your instructor to get there!
Patricia's Response on Mar 04, 2013:
Sally, you are such a pleasure to train! Your determination is so admirable! I have no doubt you are on the right track and that the best is yet to come! As you said, despite any obstacles that get in the way, you are committed to your fitness goals and that can only result in success! Looking forward to continuing this journey with you!
Robbin Nestor
On Jan 28, 2013
Patricia is a very knowledgeable fitness trainer. She knows the weight of kettle bell an individual needs for each exercise. She modifies exercises to meet the individual to get the same results. She is constantly challenging each individual to make a difference in their life. She is very patient.
Patricia's Response on Jan 29, 2013:
Robbin, you have been such a trooper! No matter how much I challenge you, you've been open and willing to push yourself. You are a true pleasure to train!
Ann Hill
On Jan 28, 2013
I love Patricia's kettlebell class. She gears the class to each individual so everyone can benefit. Her class is no stop and you definitely get your monies worth. Kettlebell's are the best excercise I have ever done. I feel better, my core is stronger and my endurance has increased. I love it!
I would encourage anyone to give her class a try! We work hard and have fun doing it....
Thanks Patricia
Patricia's Response on Jan 28, 2013:
Ann, thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience of my kettlebell class. I SO enjoy training people like you, who are not afraid to take on a challenge to become healthier and stronger. You are an awesome student, and I am honored to train you!
James Tibbits
On Jan 18, 2013
This Kettlebell Lady will take you and your fitness goals to levels you never dreamed of! She is "Top-Notch"!
Patricia's Response on Jan 28, 2013:
Thank you James, for your kind comments. I have had the best mentor to help me find my passion--Kettlebells!

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