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Noel Vasquez

McKinney, TX 75070

Questions Answered by Noel

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NEED SOME HELP for Equipment -

7 Answers | Asked by G W on Jun 02, 2014

Answered by Noel Vasquez on Jun 09, 2014

It looks like you will have plenty of other cardio type equipment for people to use. Obviously the more treadmills you have, the more people you can have in your facility. The reason there is not a number per sq feet is because most people do not actually use their membership all the time. We hav...

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What you think about my new Video?

4 Answers | Asked by Izzet YĆ¼ksel on Jun 02, 2014

Answered by Noel Vasquez on Jun 02, 2014

Hello Izzet, I am very impressed by your skills and I would post this video in an area on your website that is displaying your skills and credentials. I have to agree with Karin that this is not meant to sell your business. That looks too hard for the average person unless you are going for ex at...

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What benefits do we have as members for treadmill purchases? Are any vendors offering idea members discounts?

5 Answers | Asked by Janice Ferraro on Sep 02, 2011

Answered by Noel Vasquez on Dec 24, 2013

Many fitness equipment stores can offer up to 20% off of equipment for referrals or non for profit organizations. All it takes is to ask sometimes. I know Fitness Experts in Chicagoland area would offer a discount. Ask for Gerad in Naperville, Illinois. Thanks, Noel Vasquez www.academyfitnesso...

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How do you create a personal training contract?

6 Answers | Asked by Roy Choquette on Dec 18, 2013

Answered by Noel Vasquez on Dec 24, 2013

Hello Roy, There are many places to get templates and make changes. You need to sit down and also address the things you want covered in your contract. With all the examples and templates out there, you do not need to spend the money on a lawyer. I have taken sport law and many business classes....

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What is your top pet peeve with the fitness industry?

16 Answers | Asked by Monica Foster on Oct 27, 2011

Answered by Noel Vasquez on Oct 14, 2013

Hello Monica, Great question. Mine is pretty much that a lot of our industry concentrates too much on appearance over Health and function. I have seen trainers push clients to starve themselves and leave their clients with no energy. Not to mention that cardiovascular training is taken out of th...

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I need to buy a headset system for group training what are the best ones?

2 Answers | Asked by Lisa Gonzalez on Oct 09, 2013

Answered by Noel Vasquez on Oct 13, 2013

Hello Lisa, is a good place. I actually saved a few bucks and got the Ion portable block rocker Bluetooth system. We added the Fitness audio V series to it for mic setup. This is just to get started and I am very happy. It is loud enough to take a big class outside. Good luc...

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Does anyone on here use google plus?

3 Answers | Asked by Ron Benamor on Oct 11, 2013

Answered by Noel Vasquez on Oct 11, 2013

Hello Ron, I am with Google + and many others. I feel that it is crucial to make relationships in this industry. Just like being on this website, you can learn something or come across something that can change your life. Facebook along with LinkedIn helped me make a decision to move to Texas an...

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How do I add a studio to my insurance?

6 Answers | Asked by Stephanie Jamieson on Aug 27, 2013

Answered by Noel Vasquez on Sep 05, 2013

I am in agreement with quite a few of the trainers. That is an unusual request. I actually can add trainers to my insurance but I would never ask a trainer to add my facility to their insurance. I agree with Harris, I might be worried that the facility might not have insurance. www.academyfitn...

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Checklist items for starting my first PT job as a contractor in small gym and in home sessions.

5 Answers | Asked by Paul D Bradley on Sep 04, 2013

Answered by Noel Vasquez on Sep 05, 2013

Marketing, marketing and Marketing. You can be a great trainer and have all the tools to do the job but you need to familiarize yourself with marketing yourself. Facebook is huge and you need to see what your gym will allow you to do with inside the gym marketing. Keep asking people not associate...

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Are group fitness businesses thriving?

7 Answers | Asked by Lura Dudley on Dec 21, 2012

Answered by Noel Vasquez on Apr 07, 2013

I believe Group training and classes are just making it more affordable for people to get in shape while being told what to do. We do need to adapt to our customer base. I agree that we do need the good foundation to build new things or certifications off of. Adding some new fun things will hel...

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