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Trx group fitness specialization.

4 Answers | Asked by Marta Gabrielli on Sep 13, 2016

Answered by Nancy Korf on Sep 14, 2016

Have you taught group fitness before? I see two routes you could take. Since you already have the TRX specialization (STC, I assume?), you might want to get a general group-ex certification to flesh out your knowledge of how to manage a group class, versus one on one training. I would sug...

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yoga trx

6 Answers | Asked by Parveez Mohamed on Aug 22, 2016

Answered by Nancy Korf on Aug 30, 2016

I couldn't find anything by Dan after a quick youtube search. What I did find were over 100 youtube videos, of varying creativity and safety. My background is in both personal training and in yoga, and I looked at about a half-dozen of them through both lenses. I don't know whether you're a tra...

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yoga trx

6 Answers | Asked by Parveez Mohamed on Aug 22, 2016

Answered by Nancy Korf on Aug 27, 2016

Dan McDonough, one of the education developers at TRX, has some great yoga sequences. If you're going to do a youtube search, try his name as a search term.

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Best content, ie books/podcasts/lectures to learn more on mobility?

9 Answers | Asked by Michael Manderville on Aug 16, 2016

Answered by Nancy Korf on Aug 16, 2016

Some of my books from yoga were very useful and are appropriate for the non-athlete, non-trainer. Yoga Anatomy is a good one, as it shows various poses and all of the muscles affected by that pose.

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new client cleared for activity, but on multiple heart diabetes meds. Were taking"baby steps" creative ideas for outdoor track?

8 Answers | Asked by Laura Partridge on Jul 18, 2016

Answered by Nancy Korf on Jul 25, 2016

You've received some very good suggestions so far. Do you have to use a track? My thought would be that perhaps you can find a good walking path in a nice park or forest, paved but with plenty of greenery and fresh air. Especially if there is one with little hills and valleys. Since she is liv...

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do I get a discount on ACE certification test

5 Answers | Asked by Melissa Torres on Jul 22, 2016

Answered by Nancy Korf on Jul 24, 2016

I'm not sure if you're already an instructor, but if you are a ZIN, ACE and AFAA have big discounts on your group-ex certification from now through the end of the year.

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EED in Calif cracking down on yoga studios?

6 Answers | Asked by Averil Kimble on Jul 18, 2016

Answered by Nancy Korf on Jul 19, 2016

Here is the most recent article I've seen.

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How to break the second weight loss plateau

9 Answers | Asked by Pragati Vajpayee on Jul 14, 2016

Answered by Nancy Korf on Jul 15, 2016

I agree with Matthew - do not cut calories below 1,200 per day. Also,keep in mind that weight is only one measurement of health and fitness. If you are improving your body composition - reducing fat and increasing lean muscle tissue - you could be losing inches and not losing weight.

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is it illegal to work at a gym and as a self employed personal trainer at the same time??

9 Answers | Asked by adam beattie on Jul 14, 2016

Answered by Nancy Korf on Jul 14, 2016

It can be totally legal, if you're up front when you sign your contract with the gym and have it written in a way that allows you to do so. What I would be careful of, however, is any hint or appearance that you are using your job at the gym to develop clients who will pay you outside the gym. Y...

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What are the best fitness assessments for older overweight adults?

11 Answers | Asked by Evelyn Sinclair on Sep 12, 2013

Answered by Nancy Korf on Jul 12, 2016

One assessment I like, in general, is variations of ground to stand. It's not a standardized test, but it's easy to administer, directly related to a client's ability to function (and they notice when it gets better!).I noticed this with about a half dozen of my clients over 50 before I started mea...

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